The Marvel Superheroes

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The Marvel Superheroes
serie TV cartone
Lingua orig. inglese
Paese Stati Uniti
Studio Grantray-Lawrence Animation, Krantz Films, Marvel Enterprises
1ª TV 1º settembre 1966
Episodi 65 (completa)
Durata ep. 30 min
Genere supereroi

The Marvel Superheroes è una serie televisiva di cartoni animati composta da cinque serie autonome basate su alcuni personaggi dei fumetti Marvel Comics. Ogni episodio era composto da tre corti di sette minuti ciascuno, basati su di un singolo supereroe, ma la trasmissione è stata effettuata anche senza rispettare l'ordine originario.

In origine i personaggi erano divisi per giorno, in questo modo:

Nel serial sono comunque apparsi come guest-star sia gli X-Men che i Vendicatori.

Questo cartone animato si basa su una di animazione molto elementare, con molte sequenze pressoché statiche e altre ancora riutilizzate; la creazione grafica mostra un fortissimo legame con i fumetti dell'epoca: oltre ad avere delle tavole similmente impostate, vi è un robusto uso di onomatopee per evidenziare i suoni prodotti nelle scene di lotta. Era presente anche una voce narrante.

Episodi[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Prima stagione (Capitan America)[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  • 01 The Origin of Captain America, Wreckers Among Us, Enter Red Skull
  • 02 The Sentinel and the Spy, The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull, Lest Tyranny Triumph
  • 03 Midnight in Greymoor Castle, If This Be Treason, When You Lie Down With Dogs
  • 04 Return of Captain America, The Search, To Live Again
  • 05 Zemo and his Masters of Evil, Zemo Strikes, The Fury of Zemo
  • 06 The Revenge of Captain America, The Trap Is Sprung, So Dies A Villain
  • 07 Let The Past Be Gone, The Adaptoid, The Super Adaptoid
  • 08 Coming of the Swordsman, Vengeance Is Ours, Emissary of Destruction
  • 09 Bitter Taste of Defeat, Sorcery Triumph, The Road Back
  • 10 Doorway to Doom, When the Commissar Commands, Duel Or Die
  • 11 The Sleeper Shall Awake, Where Walks the Sleeper, The Final Sleep
  • 12 The Girl from Cap's Past, The Stage Is Set, 30 Minutes to Live
  • 13 The Red Skull Lives, He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube, The Red Skull Supreme

Seconda stagione (L'incredibile Hulk)[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  • 14 The Origin of the Hulk, Enter the Gorgon, To Be a Man
  • 15 Terror of the Toadmen, Bruce Banner: Wanted For Treason, Hulk Runs Amok
  • 16 A Titan Rides the Train, The Horde of Humanoids, On the Rampage!
  • 17 The Power of Dr. Banner, Where Strides the Behemoth, Back from the Dead
  • 18 Micro Monsters, The Lair of the Leader, To Live Again
  • 19 Brawn Against Brain, Captured At Last, Enter the Chameleon
  • 20 Within this Monster Dwells a Man; Another World, Another Foe; The Wisdom of the Watcher
  • 21 The Space Phantom, Sting of the Wasp, Exit the Hulk
  • 22 Hulk vs. Metal Master, The Master Tests His Metal, Mind Over Metal
  • 23 The Ringmaster, Captive of the Circus, The Grand Finale
  • 24 Enter Tyrannus, Beauty & The Beast, They Dwell in the Depths
  • 25 Terror of the T-Gun, I Against A World, Bruce Banner is the Hulk
  • 26 The Man Called Boomerang; Hulk Intervenes; Less Than Monster, More Than Man

Terza stagione (L'invincibile Iron Man)[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  • 27 Double Disaster, Enter Happy Hogan, Of Ice and Men
  • 28 The Death of Tony Stark!, The Hands of the Mandarin, The Origin of The Mandarin
  • 29 Ultimo, Ultimo Lives, Crescendo
  • 30 The Mandarin's Revenge!, The Mandarin's Death Ray, No One Escapes the Mandarin
  • 31 Crimson Dynamo!, The Crimson Dynamo Strikes, Captured
  • 32 Enter Hawkeye, So Spins the Web, Triple Jeopardy
  • 33 If I Die, Let It Be With Honor; Fight On, For A World Is Watching; What Price Victory?
  • 34 The Moleman [sic] Strikes, The Dragon of Flames, Decision Under the Earth
  • 35 The Other Iron Man!, Death Duel, Into The Jaws of the Death
  • 36 The Cliffs of Doom!, The False Captain America, The Unmasking
  • 37 My Life For Yours, The Black Knight's Gambit, Menace of the Monster
  • 38 The Dream Master, If A Man Be Mad, Duel In Space
  • 39 Beauty and the Armor, Peril in Space, As A City Watches

Quarta stagione (Il mitico Thor)[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  • 40 Trapped by Loki, Vengeance of Loki, Defeat of Loki
  • 41 Chained Evil; Sandu, Master of the Supernatural; Enchanted Hammer
  • 42 Enchantress and Executioner, Giants Walk the Earth, Battle of the Gods
  • 43 At the Mercy of Loki, Trial of the Gods, Return To Earth
  • 44 The Absorbing Man; In My Hands, This Hammer; Vengeance of the Thunder God
  • 45 To Kill A Thunder God, The Day of the Destroyer, Terror of the Tomb
  • 46 The Grey Gargoyle, The Wrath of Odin, Triumph in Stone
  • 47 The Mysterious Mister Hyde, Revenge of Mr. Hyde, Thor's Showdown with Mr. Hyde
  • 48 Every Hand Against Him, The Power of the Thunder God, The Power of Odin
  • 49 The Tomorrow Man, Return of Zarrko, Slave of Tomorrow Man
  • 50 Enter Hercules, When Meet Immortals, Whom the Gods Would Destroy
  • 51 The Power of Pluto, The Verdict of Zeus, Thunder in the Netherworld
  • 52 Molto, the Lava Man; Invasion of the Lava Man; Living Rock

Quinta stagione (Namor, il Sub-Mariner)[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  • 53 Peril in the Surface World, So Spreads the Net, The Unveiling
  • 54 The Start of the Quest!, Escape to Nowhere, A Prince There Was
  • 55 Not All My Power Can Save Me!, When Fails the Quest, The End of the Quest
  • 56 Atlantis Under Attack, The Sands of Terror, The Iron Idol of Infamy
  • 57 The Thing from Space, No Escape for Namor, A Prince Dies Fighting
  • 58 To Conquer a Crown, A Prince No More, He Who Wears the Crown
  • 59 To Walk Amongst Men!, When Rises the Behemoth, To the Death
  • 60 The World Within!, Atlantis Is Doomed, Quest for X-Atom
  • 61 Beware the Siren Song, Spell of Lorelei, Return of the Mud Beast
  • 62 Ship of Doom, Fall of Atlantis, Forces of Vengeance
  • 63 The Planet of Doom, To Test a Prince, To Save a Planet
  • 64 Dr. Doom's Day, The Doomed Allegiance, Tug of Death
  • 65 Let the Stranger Die..!, To Destroy a Tyrant, Save A City

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