Ruff & Reddy

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Ruff & Reddy
serie TV d'animazione
Titolo orig.The Ruff and Reddy Show
Lingua orig.inglese
PaeseStati Uniti
AutoreWilliam Hanna, Joseph Barbera
SceneggiaturaCharles Shows
MusicheHoyt Curtin
StudioHanna-Barbera, Screen Gems
1ª TV14 dicembre 1957 – 2 aprile 1960
Episodi50 (completa)
Aspect ratio4:3
Durata ep.30 min
Rete it.Rai 1, Telemontecarlo
Seguito daBraccobaldo Show

Ruff & Reddy (The Ruff and Reddy Show) è una serie televisiva a cartoni animati ideata e prodotta negli anni cinquanta dalla Hanna-Barbera e incentrata sui personaggi immaginari di Ruff, un gatto onesto e intelligente, e Reddy, un cane stupido e sciocco. Trasmessa per la prima volta dal dicembre 1957 sulla NBC, fu la prima serie televisiva prodotta da Hanna-Barbera e presentata da Screen Gems, il braccio televisivo della Columbia Pictures.

Episodi[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Prima stagione[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. "Planet Pirates / Night Flight Fright / Whama Bama Gamma Gun"
  2. "The Mastermind of Muni-Mula / The Mad Monster of Muni-Mula / Hocus Pocus Focus"
  3. "Muni Mula Mix-Up / Creepy Creature Feature / The Creepy Creature"
  4. "Surprise in the Skies / Crowds in the Clouds / Reddy's Rocket Rescue"
  5. "Rocket Ranger Danger / Pinky the Pint Sized Pachyderm / Last Trip of a Ghost Ship"
  6. "The Irate Pirate / Dynamite Fright / Marooned in Typhoon Lagoon"
  7. "Scarey Harry Safari / Jungle Jitters / Bungle in the Jungle"
  8. "Miles of Crocodiles / A Creep in the Deep / Hot Shot's Plot"
  9. "The Gloom of Doom / The Trapped Trap the Trapper / Westward Ho Ho Ho"
  10. "A Slight Fright on a Moonlight Night / Asleep While a Creep Steals Sheep / Copped by a Copter"
  11. "The Two Terrible Twins from Texas / Killer and Diller in a Chiller of a Thriller / A Friend to the End"
  12. "Heels on Wheels / The Whirly Bird Catches the Worms / The Boss of Double Cross"
  13. "Ship Shape Sheep / Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' / Hot Lead for a Hot Head"
  14. "The Treasure of Doubloon / Blunder Down Under / The Metal Monster Mystery"
  15. "The Late, Late Pieces of Eight / The Goon of Doubloon Lagoon / Two Dubs in a Sub"
  16. "Big Deal with a Small Seal / A Real Keen Submarine / No Hope for a Dope on a Periscope"
  17. "Rescue in the Deep Blue / A Whale of a Tale of a Tail of a Whale / Welcome Guest in a Treasure Chest / Pot Shot Puts Hot Shot on a Hot Spot"

Seconda stagione[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. "Egg Yeggs / The Dummy Mummy"
  2. "Chickasaurus Crack-Up / The Chicken Hearted Chickasaurus Chase / The Slick Chickasaurus Chick Trick"
  3. "Chickasaurus Choo Choo / Rumble in the Jungle / The Sorehead Tyrannosaurus"
  4. "Two Eyes Spy on the Guys / Double Trouble for Ubble-Ubble / A Chick In Need Is a Chick Indeed / Quick Trick Saves a Slick Chick"
  5. "Scary Tale on a Canyon Trail / Borrowed Burro in a Burrow / Pint Size Surprise for the Guys"
  6. "Reddy and Me and Pee-Wee Makes Three / Hoss Thief Grief / Tricked and Trapped by a Tricky Trapper"
  7. "Harry Safari and the Phoney Pony / Frantic Antics of Poco Loco / Nag in a Bag"
  8. "Bungled Bundle of Boodle / Chump's Jumps Bring Bumps and Lumps / Show Biz Wiz"
  9. "These Three Set Pee-Wee Free / Fantastic Phantom / Long Gone Leprechaun"
  10. "The Goon of Glocca Morra / Bungle in Banshee Castle / Afloat in a Moat with No Boat"
  11. "Too Soon the Goon / Smitten by a Kitten / Mr. Small Meets Mr. Tall in the Hall --- That Is All / Going, Going, Goon"
  12. "Scary Chase Through a Spooky Place with a Goony Face / Bing Bang Boom in a Real Small Room"
  13. "Gold Room Doom / Three See the Wee Princess Free / Missile Fizzle"
  14. "Missing Missile Mystery / Never Land in Never-Neverland / Polar Bear Scare"
  15. "A Liking for a Striking Viking / Bear Hunting is for the Birds / Beep-Beep from the Deep-Deep"
  16. "Two Fiends in a Submarine / Muscle Man Meets Missile Man / Bull Fight Fright"
  17. "Reddy Clobbers Robbers / Machine Gun Fun / Bad Guys Meet the Good Guys"

Terza stagione[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. "Dizzy Deputies / Later Later, Alligator / Gator"
  2. "Chip Off the Ol' Chopper / LaFitt to be Tied / Hide and Seek with a Sneak on Okeechobee Creek"
  3. "Boom Boom Doom / Spellbound Fool in a Round Whirlpool / Fast Chase Thru a Spooky Place"
  4. "Looks Like the End for a Cotton Pickin' Friend / No Laff on Half a Raft / Gator Thrills and Whooshmobiles / Trapped and Snapped Sap"
  5. "Spooky Meeting at Spooky Rock / Dig the Bigger Digger / The Secret Bizz of Professor Gizz"
  6. "Test Hop Flip Flop / Sticks and Stones and Aching Bones / Gun, Gun, Who's Got the Gun?"
  7. "Big Papoose on the Loose / Mine Mine All Mine Gold Mine / Gold Data in the Sub-strata"
  8. "The Ghost with the Most / In the Soup with a Supernatural Soup / Sneaky Knaves in the Caves / Tailspin Twins"
  9. "Sky High Fly Guy / A Tisket, a Tasket, Who Lost Their Basket? / Three's a Crowd in a Cloud"
  10. "Fine Feathered Birds of a Feather / A Bird in Hand Is a Handy Bird / No Laffy Daffy"
  11. "Tiff in a Skiff / Sub-a-Dub-Dub / Squawky No Talky"
  12. "Big Beak Tweaks a Big Sneak / Off on a Toot with the Loot to Boot / Thanks a Lot for X Marks the Spot / Tale of a Sail in a Whale"
  13. "Misguided Missile / Triple Trouble Trip / Around the Moon in Eighty Ways"
  14. "Button, Button, Who Pushed the Button? / No Traces of Aces in Spaces / Little Punies Meet Mooney Goonies"
  15. "Little Guys Are a Big Surprise / Two's Company --- A Million Is a Little Crowded / Big Bop for a Big Blop"
  16. "Things Get Tuff for Ruff --- Sure 'Nuff / Whap --- Caught in a Trap by a Sap / Spin, Spin a Web to Catch a Blop In / Have Blop, Will Travel"

Doppiaggio[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Altri media[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Nel 1990 l'editrice britannica Hi-Tec Software pubblicò il videogioco Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure per molti dei principali home computer.