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Raffaele Simone (Lecce, 27 May 1944) is an Italian linguist and philosopher of language; he also has an intense activity of political-cultural essays writer, editor-at-large for several newspapers and editorial organizator.

Graduated in 1966 in Rome in Philosophy, he also studied mathematics and law. He completed his training in Germany. In 1980 he became full professor of General Linguistics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" where, from 1983 to 1995, he was coordinator of the PhD courses in Linguistics. From 1989 to 1991 he was Director of the Specialization Course in Italian Linguistics. Since 1992 he has been full professor of General Linguistics at the University of Roma Tre, where he was also, until 2008, Director of the Department of Linguistics and Rectoral Delegate for the High School Project. From 2015 Professor Emeritus at Roma Tre.

He is a member of the editorial committee of scientific journals in Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. He has designed and directed lexicographic works in connection with his lexicology interests: the Conciso Treccani (2003), then the Dizionario dei sinonimi e dei contrari Treccani (2004), then Il Treccani (2004). Utet's Analogic Dictionary, an original work on the Italian scene, appeared in two volumes in 2011. In the same year the Enciclopedia dell'italiano was published at the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana in two volumed

He has held courses, doctoral seminars and conferences at numerous universities and research centres in Europe and the United States (Columbia, Yale, Paris, Seville, New York University, Lund, Stockholm...). He received 2010 a Honoris Causa from the Swedish University of Lund. He is a member of the Académie Royale de Belgique.

He studied the philosophy of language, the history of linguistic-philosophical thought, and other subjects in theoretical and descriptive linguistics. Among his specific themes: Saussure and saussurism; epistemology of linguistics; non-arbitrary phenomena in languages; syntactic iconicity; predicative constructions (causative, etc.), word classes. In his linguistic studies, he has constantly brought the result of his knowledge of the philosophical tradition, especially in some areas (ancient philosophy, seventeenth and eighteenth-century philosophy, epistemology). He is currently dealing with grammar theory, linguistic typology (especially Romance), and a model called Grammar of Constructions and Categories, which he presented in several international meetings. Its orientation is pragmatic-functional, with a strong typological projection. It deals with Romance languages, late Latin, and has studied specific aspects of Arabic and more recently of Chinese.

He has published numerous scientific papers in various languages, mainly on issues of grammar theory, lexicology and class theory of words, syntax, Romance typology. Several of her articles are written in collaboration with pupils of him.

He played a role in the development of the linguistic-educational theme in Italy in the 1970s and later, both as the author of some successful school textbooks and as the author of dozens of works analysing the tradition in this field and possible innovative paths. In 1986 he founded the bimonthly magazine Italiano e oltre, which he directed until its closure in 2004.

As an essayist, he deals with philosophy of the culture of modernity and political philosophy. In these fields we can mention his Il mostro mite (Garzanti, 2008; translated into several languages), in which he analyzes the reasons for the crisis of the left in Europe; Il paese del pressappoco (Garzanti, 2005), dedicated to the analysis of Italy as a case of "country that does not work"; La terza fase (Laterza 2000, translated into several languages), in which he studies the cognitive effects of digital multimedia, a theme taken up with other topics in Presi nella rete. La mente ai tempi del web (Garzanti, 2012; translated into various languages). His essays on political and philosophical-political analysis are in the main political journals of Europe (il Mulino, Micromega, le Débat, La règle du jeu, Claves de Razón práctica...).

In 2011 he published his first novel for Garzanti, Le passioni dell'anima (The passions of the soul), focusing on the last months of Descartes' life in Stockholm.

CV and publications: https://uniroma3.academia.edu/RaffaeleSimone

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