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Il Grammy Legend Award è uno dei sei premi speciali dei Grammy Award. Il premio viene assegnato a partire dal 1990 dalla Recording Academy. Il premio, che non viene consegnato annualmente, è stato vinto da quattordici artisti solisti e da un gruppo.

Vincitori[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Anno Immagine Ricevente Anno nascita-Anno morte Nazionalità Note
1990 An upperbody shot of a middle-aged man in a dark suit. Lloyd Webber, Andrew Andrew Lloyd Webber 1948 b. 1948 Regno Unito Regno Unito [1]
1990 A woman in a red dress, jacket and scarf smiles toward the camera. Minnelli, Liza Liza Minnelli 1946 b. 1946 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti
1990 A man in a light-colored suit sings into a microphone Robinson, Smokey Smokey Robinson 1940 b. 1940 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [2]
1990 An elderly man holds a guitar while in front of a microphone. He has white facial hair and wears a United States flag bandana. Nelson, Willie Willie Nelson 1933 b. 1933 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [3]
1991 A woman stands on stage and sings into a microphone. She wears a blue dress and has a blue feather boa around her arms. Franklin, Aretha Aretha Franklin 1942-2018 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [4]
1991 An upper body shot of a man wearing a shirt, suit and tie. He is balding and his smiling mouth is framed by a white goatee beard. Joel, Billy Billy Joel 1949 b. 1949 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [5]
1991 alt6=A man with dark hair looks forlornly down to his left. He rests his chin between his thumb and finger. Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash 1932–2003 1932–2003 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [6]
1991 A man in a blue jacket looks ahead. The balding male's dark sunglasses conceal his eyes. Jones, Quincy Quincy Jones 1933 b. 1933 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [7]
1992 A blond-haired woman looks down to the ground. She wears a white dress and a silver necklace. Streisand, Barbra Barbra Streisand 1942 b. 1942 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [8]
1993 US singer Michael Jackson on May 14, 1984, during a White House Ceremony to launch the Campaign against Drunk Driving. Jackson, Michael Michael Jackson 1958–2009 1958–2009 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [9]
1994 Black and white picture of a man with a beard wearing a turtleneck and glasses. Mayfield, Curtis Curtis Mayfield 1942–2999 1942–1999 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [10]
1994 A middle-aged man in a tuxedo sits and smiles into the distance. Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra 1915–1998 1915–1998 Stati Uniti Stati Uniti [11]
1998 A man in a dress coat and white shirt opens his mouth, which is framed by dark facial hair. Pavarotti, Luciano Luciano Pavarotti 1935–2007 1935–2007 Italia Italia [12]
1999 A blond-haired middle-aged man stands with his arms open and fists clenched. He wears a dark suit and red shirt. He also sports a cross pendant around his neck, and wears purple sunglasses. John, Elton Elton John 1947 b. 1947 Regno Unito Regno Unito [3]
2003 The Bee Gees Gees, Bee Bee Gees Regno Unito Regno Unito [13]

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