Ballarò (Palermo)

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Ballarò is one of the most well known street markets in Palermo along with Vucciria, Il Capo, Lattarini and the Mercato delle Pulci.

Banchi di frutta a Ballarò

The outdoor market[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Made famous for selling the freshest of fruits from the Palermo countryside, this vast outdoor market stretches Piazza Casa Professa all the way towards Porta Sant’Agata at the Bastions of Corso Tukory.

This is one of the oldest markets in Palermo, and it attracts hundreds of people each and every day. The animated vendors use their big personalities and thick local accents to draw in foot traffic to their stalls.

There are a lot of stalls to speak of throughout this huge outdoor marketplace. Each of these spots is overloaded with crates and wooden boxes teeming with the goods that each vendor is trying to sell by screaming over top of one another. Primarily, this is a food market. There is a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also meat and fish as well. Some of the vendors might offer household items, or cooking and cleaning supplies as well, much like at the Vucciria and Capo marketplaces.

Street food vendors[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Throughout the marketplace there are several street vendors offering a wide range of already prepared quick street food for you to eat and enjoy. For those that might not know what to expect from Palermo street food vendors, the common fare includes: boiled vegetables, octopus, crocché or cazzilli, panelle, baked onions, quarume, and sandwiches with meusa.

Etimology[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

When you come across the Ballaro Market amid the Albergheria district of Palermo, you might not know why its called that. The name actually derives from a village named Bahlara near Monreale where Arab merchants often came from. Some also believe the name derives from the name of an Indian king from the Deccan region at that time named Vallaraya.

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