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Template Europeana or include in Authority template

I have matched 160 000 artists in Europeana to Wikidata Property 7704 see T240290 i.e.

My question are you intrested in create a template for Europeana or do you think adding it to Template:Controllo di autorità or something better

  1. bg.Wikipedia / no.WIkipedia has added Property 7704 to template Template:Controllo_di_autorità
  2. sv:Wikipedia / en:Wikipedia / fi:WIkipedia has created a dedicated template
  3. see status report and task T241677

- Salgo60 (msg) 21:58, 12 gen 2020 (CET)

[@ Salgo60] I've seen, your work is really great!!! Symbol support vote.svg Favorevole to adding it to {{Controllo di autorità}}, for sure. --Epìdosis 11:50, 14 gen 2020 (CET)
Adding it to {{Controllo di autorità}} seems the best choice for me too. --Syrio posso aiutare? 12:39, 16 gen 2020 (CET)