Wild Wood

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Wild Wood
ArtistaPaul Weller
Tipo albumStudio
Pubblicazione6 settembre 1993
EtichettaGo! Discs Records
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Album successivo
Wild Wood (Deluxe Edition)
ArtistaPaul Weller
Tipo albumStudio
Pubblicazione22 ottobre 2007
EtichettaIsland Records

Wild Wood è il secondo album di Paul Weller pubblicato nel 1993. Wild Wood (Deluxe Edition) è una riedizione pubblicata nell'ottobre del 2007.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Disco 1
  1. Sunflower
  2. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
  3. Wild Wood
  4. Instrumental (Part 1)
  5. All the Pictures on the Wall
  6. Has My Fire Really Gone Out?
  7. Country
  8. Instrumental Two
  9. 5th Season
  10. The Weaver
  11. Instrumental One (Pt 2)
  12. Foot of the Mountain
  13. Shadow of the Sun
  14. Holy Man (reprise)
  15. Moon on Your Pyjamas
  16. Hung Up
Disco 2
  1. Wild Wood (Sheared Wood (Mix/ Remix)
  2. Magic Bus (Contains Medley of Bull Rush)
  3. End Of The Earth
  4. This Is No Time (Royal Albert Hall Live Version)
  5. The Loved"
Disco 3
  1. Sunflower (Demo)
  2. Wildwood (Demo)
  3. All The Pictures On The Wall (Demo)
  4. Country (Demo)
  5. 5th Season (Demo)
  6. The Weaver (Demo)
  7. Shadow Of The Sun (Demo)
  8. Moon On Your Pyjamas (Demo)
  9. Ends Of The Earth (Demo)
  10. Love Of The Loved (Demo)
  11. Price To Pay (Demo)
  12. Changes (Demo)
  13. I'm Only Dreaming (Previously Unreleased)
  14. Ohio (Demo)
  15. Oh Happy Day (Previously Unreleased)
  16. Greetings (Previously Unreleased)
  17. Wild Wood (Demo)
  18. Weaver Of Dreams (Demo Version 2)
  19. Foot Of The Mountain (Exclusive BBC Recording)
  20. Hung Up (Exclusive BBC Recording)
  21. Black Sheep Boy (Exclusive BBC Recording)

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