The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane

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Copertina dello spartito della canzone

"The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane" è una canzone popolare americana scritta da Will S. Hays nel 1871 per i cantori girovaghi. Scritta in dialetto, la canzone parla di un anziano, forse uno schiavo o ex-schiavo, che trascorre in suoi ultimi anni in una vecchia capanna diroccata. Il titolo viene dal ritornello:

"... de little old log cabin in de lane" (... la vecchia piccola capanna in fondo al sentiero)

Il testo stesso della canzone era folklorico e diede origine a numerose canzoni di risposta, ma la melodia fu ancora più usata, divenendo la base di molte altre vecchie canzoni folk.[1] come "Little Red Caboose Behind The Train" o "The Lily Of The Valley".

La registrazione di "The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane" realizzata da Fiddlin' John Carson fu una delle prime registrazioni commerciali di un musicista bianco dell'America rurale.[2] La sua popolarità convinse l'industria a continuare la produzione di musica folk rurale.

La canzone è da allora uno standard del Bluegrass.

Versione di Fiddlin' John Carson[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Versione di Riley Puckett[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Testo[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Etichetta del 78 giri con l'incisione di Riley Puckett del 1924

Oh I'm gettin' old and feeble and I cannot work no more
The children no more gather 'round my door [That rusted bladed hoe I've laid to rest]
And old masters and old mrs they are sleepin' side by side
[Their spirits now are roaming with the blessed]

Oh the chimney's fallen down and the roof's all caved in
Lettin' in the sunshine and the rain
And the only friend I've got now is that good old dag of mine
[But there're angels watching over me when I lay down to sleep]
And the little old log cabin in the lane

Dar was a happy time to me, 'twas many years ago
When de darkies used to gather round de door
When dey used to dance an' sing at night,I played de ole banjo
But alas, I cannot play it anymore.

Things have changed about the place now
And the darkies they have gone I used to hear them singing in the cane
But the only friend that's left here Is that good old dog of mine
And the little old log cabin in the lane

Oh the trees [the footpath] have all growed up that lead around the hill
The fences have all gone to decay
And the creeks [the pound] have all dried up where we used to go to mill
And things have changed their course another way

Oh I ain't got long to stay here what little time I've got
I want to rest content while I remain
'Til death shall call this dog and me to find a better home
Than a little old log cabin in the lane

Note[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. ^ Thorp, Songs of the Cowboys, pp. xviii-xviv: "Again, others have been built upon well-known airs; 'The Cowboy's Dream' is sung to the tune of 'My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,' and Jack Thorp's 'Little Joe, the Wrangelr' was composed to the tune of 'The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane'. "
  2. ^ Carlin, Country Music, p. x: "One artist whom Brockman recommended was a fifty-plus-year-old fiddler and sometime house painter named Fiddlin' John Carson; the Okeh label dutifully made a custom record of Carson singing the late-nineteenth-century popular song 'The little Old Log Cabin in the Lane' for Brockman to sell, but didn't even bother to assign a master number or affix a label to the 500 records pressed for him. It was only after the record became a regional hit that the light bulb of commerce lit up in the executives' heads, and suddenly they were scouring the countryside for entertainers."

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