Sons of the P

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Sons of the P
ArtistaDigital Underground
Tipo albumStudio
Pubblicazione15 ottobre 1991
GenereWest Coast hip hop
Alternative hip hop
Hip hop
EtichettaTommy Boy Records
ProduttoreDigital Underground
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Sons of the P è il terzo album in studio dei Digital Underground.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. The DFLO Shuttle
  2. Heartbeat Props
  3. No Nose Job
  4. Sons Of The P
  5. Flowin' On The D-Line
  6. Kiss You Back
  7. Tales Of The Funky
  8. The Higher Heights Of Spirituality
  9. Family Of The Underground
  10. The D-Flowstrumental
  11. Good Thing We're Rappin'

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