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Fido (1941-9 June 1958 [1]) was a mixed-breed dog that lived in Mugello Luco (in the commune of Borgo San Lorenzo, province of Florence), that became famous when, after the death of his owner in 1943, he continued to travel for about fourteen years, until the end of his life, to the bus, waiting in vain for his return.

Story[modifica wikitesto]

One evening in the winter of 1941, a man living in Luco del Mugello, Charles Soria uplands, a Brunori furnace workman [1] from Borgo San Lorenzo, found an injured puppy in a ditch. Ignoring people who could belongTemplate:Not sure, Soriani's led him home and decided to adopt him, giving it the name of Fido.

Once he recovered, the dog reported to his master each morning to accompany him from home to the central square of Luco, where Soria uplands would take the bus for Borgo San Lorenzo. Fido then returned home, but the evening was again at the stagecoach station, awaiting the arrival of the master, who then riaccompagnava? home.

On December 30, 1943, war, Borgo San Lorenzo was the subject of a violent ally bombardment: the furnace factories were hit and many Brunori workers, including Charles Soria uplands, perished.

The same evening, Fido showed up as usual at the bus stop, but obviously did not see his beloved master get off.

The faithful animal did not lose heart and for fourteen years (more than 5000 times) [2], until the day of his death, he went daily to the stop hoping, unfortunately in vain, to see off the Soria uplands.

Struck by the extraordinary faithfulness of Fido, the Mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo, on November 9, 1957 awarded him a gold medal, in the presence of many citizens and moved the widow of the Soria uplands.

In the same period, Fido aroused media interest: Italian magazines People and Grand Hotel published the story of the dog [3], which also appeared in several newsreels of the Istituto Luce [4] [5] [6].

Fido died on June 9, 1958. The news was disseminated to the public by the newspaper The nation with a Florentine title with four columns [3]. On 22 June, La Domenica del Corriere commemorated Fido with a poignant cover signed by Walter Molino, who portrayed the dog dying on the roadside, with the bus waiting in the background every day [7]. To allow him to rejoin with the master eventually, Fido was buried outside the cemetery of Luco where rested the remains of Charles Soriani. [3].

Other very similar stories have captured the collective imagination: the Japanese dog Hachikō and the American Dog Shep.

The Monument[modifica wikitesto]

Shortly after the Fido's death, the commune of Borgo San Lorenzo commissioned the sculptor Salvatore Cipolla to create a bronze monument of the dog as a testimony of that exemplary story of love and fidelity.

The work, known as the "Monument to the dog Fido"picture?[non chiaro], was placed in Piazza Dante in Borgo San Lorenzo, next to the Palazzo comunale, where it stands today. Under the bronze statue depicting the dog is the dedication: "to FIDO, EXAMPLE of LOYALTY" [1].

Bibliography[modifica wikitesto]

  • Massimo Becattini, Andrea Granchi, Alto Mugello, Mugello, Val di Sieve, Firenze, 1985.

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