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Fabrizio Greco, born in Valdobbiadene in 1977, is the creator of Scene, Waxflatter, La scenè de la suite. He's an italian musician, composer, sound designer and engineer. He is also the owner of the recording studio Scene Music Studio in Rome and the label Scene Music Records. n 1986 he started to study jazz and rock music at the D.O. School in Rome, in fact his beginning date back to the teen-aged as drummer. He studied music for movies with many masters, including - one of the most famous - Luis Bacalov. He has composed and produced music for different shorts and movies. After the degree in Law, he dedicated all his time to the study of sound technology and he degree at the Music University or italian (UM) and Lead Recordings Studios in Rome. He began early playing as a dj in various roman clubs and around the world in international electronic music festivals. He definitely prefer much more to write and compose his music with instruments, software programs and hardware into his personal recording studio. He fueled his own creativity through discontinuous references to different types of music that have influenced his artistic background; after that, he has arrived into the ambient and electronic music, shortly afterwards the born of Scene. He mixes music, mysticism and esoteric melodies.


Scene is music is ambient and techno music in the morning, ballads and experimental music in the evening, it is a psychedelic project.


Waxflatter’s unique, evocative, and atmospheric brand of electro music makes him a favourite among Dutch and Belgian audiences, where both his beat-heavy tracks and ambient compositions enjoy a broad following among young creatives and trendsetters alike. On the back of the projected success of Level Crossing, due in part to its boundary-busting interactive music video, Waxflatter is planning tour dates at Amsterdam’s Trouw venue, as well as a series of student towns around the Netherlands including Tilburg, Leiden, and Rotterdam. Waxflatter is soundscape composition and drones: an experimental music project Fabrizio Greco’s new composition is named after a much beloved film character and is realized by using musical analitical data extracted from photographs that evocate memories of the village he grew up in.

 The images of Chernobyl narrate a vision of a lost city, alive with micro organisms, animated by the squeaking of derelict carousels and entraped in silence and empty squares, where many lay the signs of a nuclear disaster.
The author imagines himself as Waxflatter, the scientist in Barry Levinson’s film, and travels within different landscapes that fuse non places with melancholic memories of his own lands.

The ‘contaminated city’ that we discover in the first few tracks explores the bucholic and idyllic aspects of Greco’s backrground. Here we encounter a New World where what is extinct and withered  has  a joyful new life through memories. The past is here rediscovered in technicolour; it is a lush landscape full of vineyards and delicate perfumes, as soft as the sighs of the surrounding mountains.

 As the acoustic carpet trips within a vortex of echoes we find ourselves confronted with a crossroad; we are then suspended in mid air with our feet glued down in cement. From then on the journey continues in a tranquil mood slightly overshadowed by the unpredictable and inevitable future that is to come.

 The memories of laboratories and industries that chocke the green of that fertile land suddenly hit us; hence the sounds become more acid, louder and heavier reminding us of the very machinery that is the culprit. 

A surreal staccato brings us amidst train and then coach tracks, at who’s guide are phantoms of the past that soften the atmosphere with folk guitars. Next we are transported in a forest that in the author’s mind represents both stupor for the marvellous and melancholy for the time been.

 The leitmotif that keeps resurfacing is the sensation that good and evil are inextricably linked. How can such opposites coexsit? This is what I ask myself.

 Desolation pushes us round the corner and through a secret passage inhabited by imaginary elkes and wizards riding electronic drones. The viscerality of this journey is a fantastical and metaphsical introspective script.

At this point we feel fire under our feet that forces us once again to choose which path to take at the crossroad we have previuosally encountered. Desert and glacial-like sounds allow us to communicate with our most inner selves where we discover the mountain and its animals. Next the sound of an abandoned ski resort brings us back to a space inhabited by others. We listen to the snowflakes falling, the sound of a chairlift is fused with that of a subway. 

Once again we are confronted with the crossroad: shall we go up or down? It is in this very instant that the skilift brings us to the mountain hut, where childhood memories and dreams came to life, where all music was listened to, from violins to violas.


La Scenè de la Suite is electronic and gothic atmospheres, a dark ambient project. La Scenè de la Suite is a musical project created by Fabrizio Greco (Scene) with the co-operation of Chiara Suite at the beginning of 2009. The inspiration of Spectacula, the  first album released, is clearly dark with references to various musical genres that have inevitably influenced the duo. Instruments used are also matrix-electronic, not by chance, Fabrizio, with a past in the dark music (the age of his debut dates as a teen drummer dark “Second rate actors”) is also sound engineer/composer. Chiara Suite comes from a musical background of classical matrix, she began working as a singer with the same Scene (2009) and for the composition of Spectacula (2010). La Scenè de la Suite Spectacula Spectacula, whose name come from the homonym text of Pellegrino Prisciani - astrologist and librarian at the court of Ferrara in 1488 - is the project created by Fabrizio Greco & Chiara Suite, in which the Soul merge into an harmonious whole of music and mysticism, in a background of esoteric melody. It begins with deep notes of great evocative power, in memory of a past that comes back as a feeling of melancholy, the same that the Romantic John Keats celebrated as a pleasant memory “Ay, in the very temple of Delight Veil’d Melancholy has her sovran shrine” (1819, Ode to melancholy). Female and Male, are tracks with the same length, because there is an equilibrium between those parts, a concept of Ying and Yang, and the harmonious fusion of opposites, the struggle between the active and passive, Light and Darkness, a conjunction alchemy that gives life to a musical poetry of high thickness and of eloquent depth. Homo ad circulum (Leonardo da Vinci’s painting), resumes the greedy world of the idea behind astrology and alchemy, the theory of microcosm and macrocosm, a reality where the parties are in relation into a Whole, symbolic image in which man is at the center of the Universe as an engine of the cosmos . And that’s when a simple music, almost “ritual” is reflected in its primordial roots and shelter when they rest in a sacred songs timeless poetry. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), deliberately departs from the immanent essence of approaching to the reality of spiritual communication in the magical atmosphere of anxiety when the individual notes are in contact with the supernatural, such as relief man prey of reason and uncontrollable instincts. Flauto en la plaza de Azabacheria, is the end of a trip, almost in a suspension of contemplation, a flute accompanies us on the streets of Santiago de Compostela, place from which to depart, in constant exploration, in search of that inner essence, without which every human life has no reason to be, because a new light waits for a new trip. An album not to be missed, suggested to the good music lovers, as crucial to its depth, to explore in its shadows where the most hidden secrets of Spectacula vanish as if by magic.


Scene Music studio is the high Quality Mastering & Recording Studio in Rome. Scene Music Studio offers a L.E.D.E. “Live-End/Dead-End" control room, equipped with sound absorbing surfaces, both in the front and the part of the room where the sound is made reflective, that is between the two sound sources and the listener’s position. Wideband diffuse surfaces, of both “diffraction grid” type (Schroeder’s diffusers) and “bandwidth grid” type (Angus’s diffusers), respectively on the back and the front wall, where the delay times arrive within a few milliseconds after the direct sound, in order to obtain a superb reproduction of spatial sound and sound image. The insulating structure, built according to optimal proportions and using certified plywood pinewood framework, panels and natural fibres and also high-quality anti-vibration rubber pads, boasts a balanced low- frequency response, which results stable and sharp from any position in the room. The two recording rooms have been realised with the same structure as in the control room, mainly using broad bandwidth, two-dimensional primitive root diffusors made of acoustic solid wood. Scene Music is located in one of the most typical quarters in Rome, named after the famous arterial road which connected ancient Rome to Spain. This area is well-known and recommended for its quiet and close proximity to the city’s main sights and monuments; magnificent historical buildings or ancient noble houses of the past centuries have been renovated and destined to accommodate modern and fully-equipped hotels, which nevertheless have not lost their original architectural style, becoming unique jewels nestled in the city.


Scenemusic Records is a indipendent label based in Rome. The label releases & distributes interesting new sonic works of ballad fusion jazz, techno/house, psychedelic, minimal, ambient, soundscapes, drones, experimental music and makes dark & gothic atmospheres.