Levitate (The Fall)

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ArtistaThe Fall
Tipo albumStudio
Pubblicazione29 settembre 1997
EtichettaArtful Records
ProduttoreMark E. Smith
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Levitate è un album dei The Fall pubblicato nel 1997 dalla Artful Records.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. "Ten Houses of Eve" (Smith/Nagle)
  2. "Masquerade" (Smith/Nagle)
  3. "Hurricane Edward" (Smith/Nagle)
  4. "I'm a Mummy" (listed as "unknown" on inner sleeve - originally by Bob McFadden & Dor and called "The Mummy")
  5. "The Quartet of Doc Shanley" (Smith/Hanley)
  6. "Jap Kid" (Nagle)
  7. "4 1/2 Inch" (Smith/Hanley)
  8. "Spencer Must Die" (Smith/Spencer)
  9. "Jungle Rock" (Hank Mizell)
  10. "Ol' Gang" (Smith/Wolstencroft/Hanley)
  11. "Tragic Days" (Smith/Bramah)
  12. "I Come and Stand At Your Door" (listed as "Anon/Nagle", this is an interpretation of the song "I Come and Stand At Every Door", based on a poem by Nazım Hikmet and a traditional tune, previously performed both by Pete Seeger and by The Byrds. "Jap Kid" is an instrumental version of this track.)
  13. "Levitate" (Smith/Nagle)
  14. "Everybody But Myself" (Smith/Wolstencroft)
  • Limited edition bonus disc
  1. "Powderkex" (Smith/Burns) - a remix of "Powder Keg" from The Light User Syndrome
  2. "Christmastide" (Smith/Wolstencroft/Scanlon) - a remix of 1990 b-side "Xmas With Simon"
  3. "Recipe For Fascism" (Smith)
  4. "Pilsner Trail" (Smith/Hanley) - a live recording from 1983 (studio version issued in 2005 on the expanded resissue of Perverted By Language)
  5. "Everybody But Myself" (Live) (Smith/Wolstencroft)

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