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Your request to use the digitized images from the Palomar Sky Survey  
for wikisky. org has made its way to me.

    I hereby assert that the California Institute of Technology /  
Palomar Observatory is the creator and owner of the exclusive  
copyright of POSS-II, the Second Palomar Observatory Sky Survey  [

    I agree to publish that work for Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

    I am aware that herewith I am granting only to Wikipedia the right  
to  use the work; all commercial use of this work remain prohibited.  
I am aware that I always retain copyright of my work, and retain the  
right to be attributed.  I am aware that the license only concerns  
copyright, and I reserve the
    option to take action against anyone who uses this work in a  
libelous way, or in violation of personality rights, trademark  
restrictions, etc.   I am aware that the work may or may not be kept  
permanently on a Wikimedia project.

W. Scott Kardel for California Institute of Technology, Palomar  

W. Scott Kardel
Public Affairs Coordinator, Palomar Observatory
Telephone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

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