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Sum of all paintings: my local artist

The project is finalized to publish information about the artworks of a painter born in a small town, currently mainly exposed in his birthplace museum. The collection will be documented by students of the local high school, along with pictures and information about the painter's life, his social environment, technique and subjects of his paintings.

Goals[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

The project is in the European DigComp.2.1 framework[1] to support students in developing skills about:

  • information and data literacy;
  • communication and collaboration;
  • digital content creation;
  • problem solving.

"Safety" will not be addressed in this project.

Problem tree[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Problem The problems that exist in your education context
Wikipedia is not considered a reliable support for learning activities
Students and teachers are not motivated to create Wikipedia contents
The problems that exist in your Wikimedia community
Difficult discrimination between encyclopedic local contents and localisms
Problematic online collaboration between experienced users and new  ones
Problems existing in currently running Wikimedia education programs
Local contents are usually partially addressed already, so contents creation cannot be used to support a standard curriculum in a structured way
Local topics can be biased by promotional contents, so their integration in learning projects could be problematic
Creation of online content is usually considered as a pure online activity, carried out integrating other online contents instead of going through a standard bibliographic research
Causes Do a "5 Whys" activity for the cards on your slide and write the root causes under each card
Poor Wiki user interface usability
Lack of information literacy skills
Lack of digital content creation skills
Lack of communication and collaboration skills
Lack of problem solving skills
Effects Local contents coverage is not homogeneous
Contents are not developed in a "professional" way

Logic model[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Inputs Activity/Output Outcome Impact
Interest from the museum management to improve their online presence Workshop about painter social environment and paintings Improved digital skills of local students Awareness of digital contents as mean to add value to cultural heritage and to support tourism
Existing digital content creation classes in local schools Workshop about copyright and Creative Commons licenses Improved coverage of topics related to artworks exposed in local museum
Available computer labs in local schools Workshops about Wikipedia architecture and editing Improved coverage of topics related to places depicted in main paintings
Improved Wikipedia pages about the painter
Wikimedia commons images about the main paintings
Wikidata elements about the painter collection

Stakeholders[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Power Latents Promoters
European Union cultural initiatives funding institutions Local Wikimedia team
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities local organization Museum management
Ministry of Education local representatives School's headmaster
Local cultural initiatives funding institutions School's teachers
Local municipality
Apathetics Defenders
National Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities Students
National Ministry of Education Wikimedia global community
Local cultural institutions Local tourism development organization
Local cultural associations Tourism related business owners associations
Parents association ICT related business owners associations
Local community Local press and media
Stakeholder Type Contact Interest/Power Strategy: Monitor, Communicate (high/low), Engage Mediums of communication Concrete actions
School's headmaster Authority Direct contact Promoter. Very interested in enhancing students' and teachers' digital skills letting them working on practical applications. He can include Wikipedia projects in school's standard curricula. Engage Phone, email address, in-person meeting Present a formal letter of the project. Present report of activities and how teachers and students are benefiting from it. Negotiate inclusion of Wikipedia projects in school's standard curricula.
Local municipality Public sector Council member for tourism development Apathetic. Can influence local press and media coverage Communicate Email address Inform about the launching and conclusion of the project.
European Union cultural initiatives funding institutions; Public sector Online publications Latents. Interested in funding cultural and learning projects Monitor Web site, mailing list Check for initiatives compatible with the project funding.
Tourism related business owners associations; Private sector President of the association Defender. Able to perform lobbying activities in order to facilitate approval and funding of the project. Engage Phone, email address, in-person meeting Present a summary of the project and how local tourism will benefit from it. Ask for funding support.
School's teachers Person Direct contact Promoter. Interested in improving students' engagement and learning methodologies. They will develop the project design in cooperation with the Wikimedia team. Engage In-person meetings Preliminary meetings to provide basic skills about Wikimedia platforms and methodologies. Support in the design of the project. Assistance during IT Lab activities

Timing[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Activities Weeks
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Project approval from the museum
Project approval from the school's headmaster
Meeting about Wikimedia platforms and methodologies with the teachers
Project design with the teachers
Project fundraising
Public event to launch the project
Workshop about painter's social environment and artworks with the students
Class trip to collect images and information about the painter and his artworks
Workshops about Wikimedia platforms and editing with the students
Editing of Wikipedia pages about the painter by the students
Editing of Wikipedia pages about paintings' subjects by the students
Editing of Wikipedia pages about main paintings by the students
Publishing in Wikimedia Commons of images about the painter's full collection
Editing of Wikidata elements about the painter's full collection
Museum website integration with Wkidata and Commons
Public event to present the results of the project

Budget[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

INCOME Budget (€) Actual (€) Difference (€)
Internal Funding
Public events tickets  100 (100)
Subtotal 100  -  (100)
External Funding
Government Grants for Teachers' continuing education 500  (500)
Wikimedia Foundation Grants  500  (500)
Museum Donations  500  (500)
Business owners association donations  500  (500)
Subtotal  2.000  -  (2.000)
Total INCOME  2.100  -  (2.100)
EXPENSES Budget (€) Actual (€) Difference (€)
Bus  500  500
Mileage reimbursement  500  500
Subtotal  1.000  -  1.000
Public events
Auditorium  500  500
Speakers  500  500
Subtotal  1.000  -  1.000
Social media advertising  100  100
Subtotal  100  -  100
Total EXPENSES  2.100  -  2.100
NET (Income - Expenses)  -  -  -

Monitoring plan[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Outcomes (Objectives) Indicators Data Collection Method Timing Owner
Improved digital skills for local students Delta between the initial and final self evaluation Online questionnaire with closed questions using a linear scale At the beginning and at the end of editing activities Wikimedia team
Improved coverage of topics related to artworks exposed in local museum Articles Edited, Total Edits, Editors, Bytes Added, Article Views Wikimedia Outreach Dashboard In each editing session Wikimedia team

Evaluation plan[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Logic Model Evaluation questions Indicators of success Data collection methods When?
Impact (Long-term impact)
Awareness of digital contents as mean to add value to cultural heritage and to support tourism What was the increase of visitors attracted by museum web site or Wikipedia pages developed during the projects? Doubling the number of visitors attracted by online contents Standard questionnaire submitted at the museum ticket office Throughout the year following the project
How many students was hired by companies working in web communication companies? Doubling the number of students working on web publishing Questionnaire sent to the students One year after graduation
Objectives (Short-term and intermediate-term outcomes)
Improved digital skills for local students How do students perceive their skills in Information Literacy and Digital competences? By the end of the project, 100% of students can enrich their pages with appropriate references Evaluation made by teachers End of project
Are the students able to publish online contents on Wiki platforms? By the end of the  project, 100% of students can publish contents on thei sandbox with very little assistance from the instructors. Wikimedia Outreach Dashboard End of project
Improved coverage of topics related to artworks exposed in local museum How many artwoks described online? 100% of the artworks described as Wikidata elements and published on Wikimedia Commons Wikidata list End of project
How many pageviews for each image Pageviews comparable with images of similar museums GLAMorgan End of project

Related projects[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

References[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. ^ European DigComp.2.1 framework, su ec.europa.eu. URL consultato l'11 settembre 2019.