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Wikipedia 10th anniversary was celebrated on Jan 15, 2011. Wikipedia in Spanish 10th anniversary was celebrated in May.
We already legally created (in February 2013) Wikimedia México,[1] the civil association representing the Mexican chapter before Wikimedia Foundation, in order to diffuse and promote all the Wikimedia Foundation's projects. Would you help us? See here (in Spanish): ¿Nos ayudas?

My Wikiuser web page in Spanish is this. My Wikiuser web page in English is this. Thanks! ¡Gracias! Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs, perito traductor/certified translator (Eng/Sp/Fre)+psicólogo/psychologist+colaborador en la creación de Wikimedia México/participating in the creation of Wikimedia Mexico, ciudad de México, D.F./México, D.F. --Correogsk (msg) 07:12, 16 mag 2012 (CEST)

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