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Publicity photo of American actor, Ted Bessell and chimpanzee promoting the CBS television series Me and the Chimp.

Data Attached press-release is dated December 17, 1971
Fonte eBay item #1 photo front photo back
eBay item #2 photo front photo back
Autore CBS Television Network
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  • The photo has no copyright markings on it as can be seen in the links above (also see original upload).
  • It was created for publicity purposes-distribution to the media. The image was meant to bring attention and publicity for the personalities pictured, the program he/she was part of, and the network airing it, the same as the publicity photos for actors and actresses in the film industry were intended to do.

Film production expert Eve Light Honthaner in The Complete Film Production Handbook, (Focal Press, 2001 p. 211.):

"Publicity photos (star headshots) have traditionally not been copyrighted. Since they are disseminated to the public, they are generally considered public domain, and therefore clearance by the studio that produced them is not necessary."
"There is a vast body of photographs, including but not limited to publicity stills, that have no notice as to who may have created them." (The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook By Nancy E. Wolff, Allworth Communications, 2007, p. 55.)
Creative Clearance-Publicity photos
"Publicity Photos (star headshots) older publicity stills have usually not been copyrighted and since they have been disseminated to the public, they are generally considered public domain and therefore there is no necessity to clear them with the studio that produced them (if you can even determine who did)."
  • United States Copyright Office page 2 "Visually Perceptible Copies The notice for visually perceptible copies should contain all three elements described below. They should appear together or in close proximity on the copies.
1 The symbol © (letter C in a circle); the word “Copyright”; or the abbreviation “Copr.”
2 The year of first publication. If the work is a derivative work or a compilation incorporating previously published material, the year date of first publication of the derivative work or compilation is sufficient. Examples of derivative works are translations or dramatizations; an example of a compilation is an anthology. The year may be omitted when a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work, with accompanying textual matter, if any, is reproduced in or on greeting cards, postcards, stationery, jewelry, dolls, toys, or useful articles.
3 The name of the copyright owner, an abbreviation by which the name can be recognized, or a generally known alternative designation of owner.1 Example © 2007 Jane Doe.")


Quest'opera è nel pubblico dominio perché pubblicata negli Stati Uniti fra il 1924 e il 1977, inclusi, senza un avviso di copyright. A meno che l'autore non sia morto da molti anni, non è nel pubblico dominio nei Paesi o nelle aree che non applicano la regola della durata più breve per le opere statunitensi, come Canada (50 pma), Cina (50 pma, ma non Hong Kong o Macao), Germania (70 pma), Messico (100 pma), Svizzera (70 pma), e altri Paesi con trattati individuali. Vedi questa pagina per ulteriori informazioni.

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