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Hello, During the population exchange between Czechoslovakia and Hungary, Sokol Košice managers got several players from Hungary/Romania of Slovak heritage like Turbeky-Turek, Vinyei-Prošovský, Kertész, Fazekaš, Klimek-Kassai, Klimčok, Ando, Marik, Csiszár, Barna-Stieblinger-Štrba). Vinyei-Prošovský came from DIÓSGYÖR, later adopted czechoslovakian citizenships and represented Czechoslovakia in 1948 in 2 games (12.6.1948 vs France, 31.10.1948 vs Austria).

In 1949 Vinyei-Prošovský signed with Pro Patria. Acc.memoirs of Dr.Bojin Laskov, Vinyei-Prošovský got a bonus 9000 usd for signing and the transfer was managed by player´s agent Aurel Szobel, hungarian living in Vienna.

In Italy, Prošovský returned to his original name Vinyei. Nothing is known about his further life.

Milan Danko, his former team-mate from Sokol Kosice wrote in bellow article from 2001, that Vinyei moved from Kosice to USA where tragically died at age of 30 (1952 ?), but this information is wrong because Vinyei still played for SPAL at age of 35 (1957)


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