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Status on the WP in french[modifica wikitesto]

For information, after a community evaluation and decision this page has been deleted on the WP in french (see debate here in french) since it appears that this pianist do not meet the required criteria on this wiki (based on released discography and notorious/assessed press articles) and that coordinate trans-wiki creations has been used by different identified sock-puppets contributing in the range to massively promote this person according to checkuser request results.--LPLT (msg) 10:39, 27 ott 2009 (CET)

I am now convinced that it all is very extensive interwiki POV-pushing. Secondary sources are weak, rarely (if ever) focused on subject, and of dubious independance. A very clever advertising exercise from people ready to spend any amount of time and resort to any argument, however irrelevant, to insist this pianist is notable, until you are totally fed up and just want to leave the discussion. --Azurfrog (msg) 11:44, 28 ago 2012 (CEST)

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Gentili utenti,

ho appena modificato 3 collegamento/i esterno/i sulla pagina Giorgi Latsabidze. Per cortesia controllate la mia modifica. Se avete qualche domanda o se fosse necessario far sì che il bot ignori i link o l'intera pagina, date un'occhiata a queste FAQ. Ho effettuato le seguenti modifiche:

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