30 by Ella

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30 by Ella
ArtistaElla Fitzgerald
Tipo albumStudio
Tracce36 (6 medley)
37 (riediz. 2000)
EtichettaCapitol Records
ProduttoreDave Dexter, Jr.
Registrazionemaggio-giugno 1968
Ella Fitzgerald - cronologia
Album successivo

30 by Ella è il trentanovesimo album della cantante jazz Ella Fitzgerald, pubblicato dalla Capitol Records nel 1968.[1][2]

L'album è composto di 6 medley su un totale di 36 brani arrangiati da Benny Carter. Questo album è stata l'ultima registrazione fatta per Capitol Records. L'album successivo, Misty Blue, è stato inciso verso la fine del 1967.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Lato A

    • My Mother's Eyes (L. Wolfe Gilbert, Abel Baer)
    • Try a Little Tenderness (Harry M. Woods, Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly)
    • I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good) (Paul Francis Webster, Duke Ellington)
    • Everything I Have Is Yours (Harold Adamson, Burton Lane)
    • I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You) (Tom Pitts, Raymond B. Egan, Roy Marsh, Paul Whiteman)
    • Goodnight My Love (Mack Gordon, Harry Revel) – 12:21
    • Four or Five Times (Mares H. Hellman, Byron Gay, Allen Flynn, Frank Madden)
    • Maybe (Vernon Duke, John La Touche, Ted Fetter)
    • Taking a Chance on Love (Elmer Albrecht, Sammy Gallop, Dick Jurgens)
    • Elmer's Tune (Walter Donaldson)
    • At Sundown (Adamson, Jan Savitt, Johnny Watson)
    • It's a Wonderful World - 6:18
    • On Green Dolphin Street (Ned Washington, Bronislau Kaper)
    • How Am I to Know (Dorothy Parker, Jack King)
    • Just Friends (Sam M. Lewis, John Klenner)
    • I Cried for You (Arthur Freed, Gus Arnheim, Abe Lyman)
    • Seems Like Old Times (Carmen Lombardo, John Loeb)
    • You Stepped Out of a Dream (Nacio Herb Brown, Gus Kahn) – 7:05

Lato B

    • If I Give My Heart to You (Jimmie Crane, Jimmy Brewster, Al Jacobs)
    • Once In a While (Bud Green, Michael Edwards)
    • Ebb Tide (Carl Sigman, Robert Maxwell)
    • The Lamp Is Low (Mitchell Parish, Peter DeRose, Bert Shefter)
    • Where Are You? (Adamson, Jimmy McHugh)
    • Thinking of You (I've Grown So Lonesome) (Donaldson, Paul Ash) – 11:08
    • Candy (Mack David, Joan Whitney Kramer, Alex Kramer)
    • All I Do Is Dream of You (Freed, Nacio Herb Brown)
    • Spring is Here (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
    • 720 In the Books (Adamson, Savitt, Johnny Watson)
    • It Happened In Monterey (Billy Rose, Mabel Wayne)
    • What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? (Donaldson, Abe Lyman) – 6:14
    • No Regrets (Harry Tobias, Roy Ingraham)
    • I've Got a Feeling You're Fooling (Freed, Brown)
    • Don't Blame Me (Dorothy Fields, McHugh)
    • Deep Purple (Mitchell Parish, Peter DeRose)
    • Rain (Eugene Ford)
    • You're a Sweetheart (Adamson, McHugh) – 9:47

Bonus track riedizione 2000

  1. Hawaiian War Chant (Ralph Freed, Leleiohaku, Ray Noble) – 2:18

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