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Discussioni in corso
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15 novembre

Carta del Movimento - "Questo può mettere sottosopra l'intero movimento".

Vi prego di scusarmi per aver pubblicato questo testo in inglese. Sarei molto grato a chiunque lo traducesse in italiano.

Dear all,

Which responsibilities should the Wikimedia Foundation fulfill and which should it not? Which responsibilities should be carried out by communities? What role should small and relatively informal user groups or the often professionally acting chapters have in this? And last but not least, how should the Global Council be defined, which in the future will replace the Wikimedia Foundation Board as the governing body of the global movement, or the newly emerging Hubs?

For two decades, the movement has grown organically. This has also established imbalances, both between and among individual interest groups. For example, the distribution of funds was largely in the hands of the Wikimedia Foundation, highly developed and influential affiliates are found almost only in Western countries, and last but not least, community members complain time and again that they feel inadequately represented in the processes. These dissatisfactions led to an initiative within the Movement Strategy to review these structures.

As a result, these structures are now widely debated in the Movement Charter. The document is intended to define the "roles and responsibilities for all members, organizations, and actors of the Wikimedia movement" for the future, redistribute power and thus ensure that decisions are made equitably in the future.

One year ago, a 15-member committee, abbreviated MCDC (Movement Charter Drafting Committee), began its work for this purpose after the prior election. Its work does not consist of withdrawing into a closed room and drafting a text on its own. Instead, it facilitates a process that is supposed to listen to everyone and then transform feedback into a consistent text.

As part of that process, the first of two community consultations begins this month, with half of the text being discussed in each round. For this first round, the drafting committee has drafted the following texts as a working basis:

  • The Preamble - Definition of the Charter and its purpose.
  • Values & Principles - Basic values and principles of cooperation for the entire movement.
  • Roles & Responsibilities - Definition of the roles and responsibilities of the units of the Movement. This likely includes definitions of the roles of organizations such as the Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Affiliates, and Communities.

Not only professionally, but also as a community member, I would urge everyone to take part in this. Many members of the community have repeatedly grappled with the structures and constitution of the movement, not infrequently skeptically, annoyed, disappointed, or outraged. I cannot recall having encountered a comparable opportunity to fundamentally reshape the balance of power in my nearly two decades as a Wikipedian. Not without reason did a representative of the committee at last Saturday's introductory meeting describe the potential consequences of the Movement Charter by saying, "This could turn the whole movement upside down." Thus I would urge you to get involved.

This Sunday, November 20, 2022 from 15:30 - 17:00 CET will be the first of eight regional video meetings.
Here you can find detailed information about it.

Those who do not have time are welcome to attend one of the other meetings. Those who don't feel comfortable in video meetings can of course take part in other ways:

  • Fill out the feedback survey (anonymously, starting Nov. 21).
  • Sharing feedback on the discussion pages above on Meta
  • Sharing feedback on the Movement Strategy Forum;
  • Sending an email to

Kind regards, DBarthel (WMF) (msg) 12:16, 15 nov 2022 (CET)Rispondi[rispondi]

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