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Ogni mattina...

"Ogni mattina su Wikipedia, un vandalo si sveglia, sa che deve correre più in fretta del patroller o verrà neutralizzato. Ogni mattina su Wikipedia, un patroller si sveglia, sa che deve correre più del vandalo, o Wikipedia verrà danneggiata. Quando il sole sorge, non importa se sei un patroller o un vandalo: è meglio che cominci a correre."

Su di me...

Critico musicale, pittore, appassionato di arte, di buona musica, di cultura in generale.

Sul mio contributo da wikipediano...

Patroller (WikiCecchino, anche se la definizione è puramente inventata) cacciatore di vandali e WikiTroll. Poco in sintonia anche con i WikiGargolla dato che la crescita delle pagine non prevede alcun "keeper" armato di mazzafrusto. Tempo permettendo mi diletto nella creazione di nuove pagine e (molto più frequentemente) nella correzione di errori. Saltuariamente mi trasformo in WikiDrago. Appartengo alla tribù dei Velociraptor (e sembra che qualcuno stia reclutando nuovi membri eheh).

Ah: sono tra i "mille".

Consigli musicali

Consigli musicali

Pagine create

Pagine create

Pagine create

  1. Albi di Dylan Dog (2020)
  2. Blood Tsunami
  3. Chapter IIX - The Odyssey of Eternity
  4. Lupaus
  5. Joululevy
  6. Ódn
  7. Summit (Thou)
  8. Peasant (Thou)
  9. Tyrant (Thou)
  10. Malfeasance-Retribution
  11. To Carry a Stone (Thou)
  12. Danzig Sings Elvis
  13. For the Dead Travel Fast
  14. Fall Babylon Fall
  15. El ángel caído
  16. Los poetas han muerto
  17. Las ruinas del Edén
  18. Mother Earth (Avalanch)
  19. El hijo pródigo
  20. The Retaliation of the Immutable Force of Nature
  21. Through the Empires of Eternal Void
  22. Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For
  23. Big City (Thou)
  24. To the Chaos Wizard Youth
  25. Obedience thru Suffering
  26. Deep Calleth Upon Deep
  27. Satyricon (Satyricon)
  28. Time Heals Nothing
  29. The Archer & The Owle
  30. The Sacrifice (Thou)
  31. Broken Glass (Crowbar)
  32. Odd Fellows Rest
  33. Equilibrium (Crowbar)
  34. Live + 1 (Crowbar)
  35. Shoot Her Down
  36. Fields of Blood
  37. Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form
  38. Material Sanctuary
  39. ExtermiNation
  40. Party Killers
  41. Torment (album)
  42. Heathen Warrior
  43. Thunder & Steele
  44. Norsemen (StormWarrior)
  45. Spikes and Leather
  46. Evilized (Impious)
  47. Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
  48. Sever the Wicked Hand
  49. Heart of the Ages
  50. Cease the Day
  51. True North (Borknagar)
  52. Pure (In the Woods...)
  53. Strange in Stereo
  54. Acoustic Verses
  55. Leaves of Yesteryear
  56. The Burden Is Mine... Alone
  57. Omnio
  58. Flowers of Evil (Ulver)
  59. Symmetry in Black
  60. The Serpent Only Lies
  61. Spiritual Wasteland
  62. IIII - The Album of Labour
  63. 23:59
  64. Triumph of Mercy
  65. Hammer of God
  66. The Silver Cord is Severed
  67. Relentless (Mortification)
  68. Brain Cleaner
  69. Erasing the Goblin
  70. The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine
  71. Realm of the Skelataur
  72. Tongues (Veni Domine)
  73. Light (Veni Domine)
  74. Nightmares of the Decomposed
  75. Progression Towards Evil
  76. Foreshadowing Our Demise
  77. From Sacrifice to Survival
  78. Metal City
  79. The Symbol Remains
  80. The June Frost
  81. Mortal Throne of Nazarene
  82. Upon the Throne of Apocalypse
  83. Diabolical Conquest
  84. The Infernal Storm
  85. Blasphemy (Incantation)
  86. Decimate Christendom
  87. Primordial Domination
  88. Vanquish in Vengeance
  89. Punching the Sky
  90. Dirges of Elysium
  91. Hope and Horror
  92. Profane Nexus
  93. Sect of Vile Divinities
  94. Entrantment of Evil
  95. The Book of Kings
  96. Hacked up for Barbecue
  97. Earth 2 (album)
  98. Phase 3: Thrones and Dominions
  99. Pentastar: In the Style of Demons
  100. Albi di Dylan Dog (2021)
  101. End of Days (album)
  102. The Pernicious Enigma
  103. Eremita (Ihsahn)
  104. Das Seelenbrechen
  105. Arktis.
  106. Àmr
  107. Razorgrind (Leng Tch'e)
  108. Telemark (EP)
  109. Pharos
  110. The Incubus of Karma
  111. Metamorphogenesis
  112. Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum
  113. The Maniacal Vale
  114. Paragon of Dissonance
  115. Grim Scary Tales
  116. Oracle (Sunn O))))
  117. Pyroclasts
  118. Stash (Bongzilla)
  119. Akuma no Uta
  120. Boris at Last -Feedbacker-
  121. The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked
  122. Dronevil
  123. Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"
  124. Vein (Boris)
  125. Smile (Boris)
  126. New Album (Boris)
  127. Attention Please (Boris)
  128. Heavy Rocks II
  129. Präparat
  130. The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra
  131. Touched
  132. Skin Turns To Glass
  133. Corrasion
  134. Bodycage
  135. I Have Tasted the Fire Inside Your Mouth
  136. Guilted by the Sun
  137. Bliss Torn from Emptiness
  138. Truth Becomes Death
  139. Thaumogenesis
  140. Radiance of Shadows
  141. Desire in Uneasiness
  142. The Bungled & the Botched
  143. When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV
  144. Belles bêtes
  145. Under the Jaguar Sun
  146. Autopergamene
  147. Sky Burial
  148. Silver (EP)
  149. Sun Down / Sun Rise
  150. Lifeline (Jesu)
  151. Why Are We Not Perfect
  152. Opiate Sun
  153. Christmas (Jesu)
  154. Never (Jesu)
  155. Conqueror (Jesu)
  156. Dagdrøm
  157. Flipper (Nadja)
  158. Queller
  159. Sv (Nadja)
  160. The Stone Is Not Hit by the Sun, nor Carved with a Knife
  161. Stripped (Nadja)
  162. Sonnborner
  163. Crowbar (album)
  164. Alien Soundtracks
  165. The Visitation (Chrome)
  166. Red Exposure
  167. Blood on the Moon (Chrome)
  168. Read Only Memory (Chrome)
  169. Until Eternity Ends
  170. Third From The Sun
  171. Into The Eyes Of The Zombie King
  172. Another World (Chrome)
  173. Dreaming in Sequence
  174. Alien Soundtracks II
  175. Liquid Forest
  176. Mission Of The Entranced
  177. The Clairaudient Syndrome
  178. Retro Transmission
  179. Tidal Forces (No Humans Allowed Pt II)
  180. Mekong Delta (album)
  181. Dances of Death (and Other Walking Shadows)
  182. Kaleidoscope (Mekong Delta)
  183. Visions Fugitives (Mekong Delta)
  184. Pictures at an Exhibition (Mekong Delta)
  185. Lurking Fear
  186. Wanderer on the Edge of Time
  187. In a Mirror Darkly
  188. Tales of a Future Past
  189. Angels Of The Clouds
  190. The Best of Voivod
  191. Post Society
  192. Thrashing Rage
  193. Grin (Coroner)
  194. Born to Perish
  195. Damned If You Do
  196. The Age of Dead Christ
  197. Not a Gleam of Hope
  198. Epistemology
  199. Immortelle

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