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Wikieventi e suggerimenti su come promuovere la partecipazione del pubblico.

Wikigite[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Le Wikigite sono visite guidate a musei, siti archeologici, città, monumenti dedicate ai Wikipediani e per inviarli a conoscere e a contribuire L'utente MM è stata promotrice delle prime Wikigite con il coinvolgimento e l'entusiasmo di Wikimedia Italia.

Biglietto dietro le quinte / Backstage pass[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Un Backstage Pass è un evento che permette ai Wikipediani di vedere il dietro le quinte di un'istituzione culturale (uffici, archivi, depositi...). Spesso durante i Backstage Pass viene organizzata una maratona.

Wiki Takes Your City[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Wikipedia Takes Your City is a one-day wiki scavenger hunt and free content photography contest conducted in a particular locale, where participants compete to take photographs of as many local sights as possible for Wikipedia articles where they are needed. A dedicated tool for facilitating Wikipedia Takes Your City events has been developed on the toolserver: Wikimedia Photo Scavenger Hunts.

QR codes[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

QR codes are bar codes that allow anyone with a smartphone to scan it and instantly gain access to content provided by the creator of the QR code. GLAMs are using them in exhibitions to showcase well researched Wikipedia articles relating to their collections. Learn how you can incorporate this innovative technology into your current and future exhibitions.

Wiki Loves Monuments[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Wiki Loves Monuments è un concorso fotografico che valorizza il patrimonio culturale su Wikipedia. Wiki Loves Monuments invita a fotografare monumenti (edifici, siti archeologici e siti di interesse etno-antropologico e naturalistico) e a caricarli su Wikimedia Commons a settembre per partecipare al concorso.

Maratone Wikipedia / Edit-a-Thon[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Edit-a-thons are organized meetups, often sponsored by and held at a GLAM, that bring Wikipedians and staff together to create high quality articles related to that institution's content. They are usually organized by and hosted at the specific institution, with a Wikipedian in Residence or other highly involved Wikimedian leading the event. Edit-a-thons are often coordinated alongside a Backstage Pass event.

Raduni[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

I raduni sono incontri tra Wikipediani organizzati in modo informale utilizzando il bar di Wikipedia e le mailing list. Chiunque può promuovere e organizzare un raduno.

Incontri per Wikipediani e istituzioni culturali[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Gli incontri dedicati a Wikipedia e le istituzioni culturali sono conferenze (incontri strutturati e formali dedicati principalmente alle istituzioni culturali) e camp (incontri di lavoro dedicati principalmente ai volontari di Wikipedia e degli altri progetti Wikimedia).

  • GLAM-Wiki conference. GLAM-WIKI conferences have the goal of bringing together GLAM professionals in order to discuss particular issues surrounding Wikimedia partnerships in cultural institutions. These often include a keynote speaker and other presentations, followed by break out sessions typical of other professional conferences. The GLAM-Wiki conference might include a workshop teaching GLAM professionals about how Wikipedia works, providing them the means to move forward with a cooperation with Wikimedia.
  • GLAMCamp. GLAMcamps bring together Wikimedians, typically from within the GLAM-Wiki community, and are more internally focused than the GLAM-Wiki conference. GLAMcamps are intended to be a time to work together on documentation, technical tools, and the formalizing of infrastructure so that the community can better serve GLAMs.

Sometimes a singular event is planned that brings in local GLAM professionals who are highly interested in beginning a project with Wikimedia, though this is not the focus of the GLAMcamp. Often, social events include backstage passes in local cultural institutions for those Wikimedians participating in GLAMcamp.

Collegamenti esterni[modifica | modifica wikitesto]