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Links to non-existing pages on Commons[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

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Note: Links like {{Commonscat|Example}} are listed here even though they do work properly. However, the blank becomes part of the link and has to be removed afterwards on Commons. Same applies for {{Commonscat|example}}: The first character of a category name is always an uppercase one and has to be converted on Commons.

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  1. Categoria:Animatori senegalesic:Category:Animators from Senegal
  2. Categoria:Attori kazakic:Category:Actors from the Kazakhstan
  3. Categoria:Bertranac:Category:Bertrana
  4. Categoria:Brachythelec:Category:Brachythele
  5. Categoria:Catastrofi nel 1562c:Category:1562 disasters
  6. Categoria:Centri abitati dell'Uttar Pradeshc:Category:Cities and villages in Uttar Pradesh
  7. Categoria:Cestisti francesi in NBAc:Category:French expatriate basketball people in the United States
  8. Categoria:Cestisti greci in NBAc:Category:Greek expatriate basketball people in the United States
  9. Categoria:Cestisti sloveni in NBAc:Category:Slovenian expatriate basketball people in the United States
  10. Categoria:Comuni della provincia della Cantabriac:Category:Municipalities of Cantabria
  11. Categoria:Coniugi dei re di Siciliac:Category:Royal consorts of Sicily
  12. Categoria:Criminalità in Serbiac:Category:Crime in Serbia
  13. Categoria:Cultura a Massac:Category:Culture of Massa
  14. Categoria:Cultura ad Ascoli Picenoc:Category:Culture in Ascoli Piceno
  15. Categoria:Destinyc:Category:Destiny (video game)
  16. Categoria:Disc jockey canadesic:Category:Deejays from Canada
  17. Categoria:Discipline sciistichec:Category:Types of skiing
  18. Categoria:Elmintologiac:Category:Helminthology
  19. Categoria:Eventi del 2031c:Category:2031
  20. Categoria:Eventi del 2032c:Category:2032
  21. Categoria:Eventi del 2033c:Category:2033
  22. Categoria:Eventi del 2034c:Category:2034
  23. Categoria:Eventi del 2037c:Category:2037
  24. Categoria:Eventi del 2081c:Category:2081
  25. Categoria:Eventi del 2082c:Category:2082
  26. Categoria:Filistatac:Category:Filistata
  27. Categoria:Fiumi dell'Estremadurac:Category:Rivers and waterways of Extremadura
  28. Categoria:Football americano in Guatemalac:Category:American football in Guatemala
  29. Categoria:Fumetti australianic:Category:Comics of Australia
  30. Categoria:IBLc:Category:IBL
  31. Categoria:Impianti sportivi del Kosovoc:Category:Sports venues in Kosovo
  32. Categoria:Incisori nigerianic:Category:Engravers from Nigeria
  33. Categoria:Informatici sirianic:Category:Computer scientists from Syria
  34. Categoria:Kickboxer belgic:Category:Kickboxers from Belgium
  35. Categoria:Morti a Bujumburac:Category:Deaths in Bujumbura
  36. Categoria:Morti nel 279 a.C.c:Category:279 BC deaths
  37. Categoria:Morti nel 73c:Category:73 deaths
  38. Categoria:Nati nel 142 a.C.c:Category:142 BC births
  39. Categoria:Nati nel 505c:Category:505 births
  40. Categoria:Nati nel 529c:Category:529 births
  41. Categoria:National Artists of the Philippinesc:Category:national Artists of the Philippinesin Greece lowercase
  42. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio degli Stati Uniti d'Americac:Category:United States national ice hockey team
  43. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio del Canadac:Category:Canada's national ice hockey team
  44. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Bielorussiac:Category:Belarus national ice hockey team
  45. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Danimarcac:Category:Denmark national ice hockey team
  46. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Germaniac:Category:German national ice hockey team
  47. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Lettoniac:Category:Latvian national ice hockey team
  48. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Norvegiac:Category:Norvegian ice hockey team
  49. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Russiac:Category:Russian national ice hockey team
  50. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Slovacchiac:Category:Slovakian national ice hockey team
  51. Categoria:Nazionali di hockey su ghiaccio della Sloveniac:Category:Slovenian national ice hockey team
  52. Categoria:Olympique Lilloisc:Category:Olympique Lillois
  53. Categoria:Opere teatrali di autori austriacic:Category:Austrian plays
  54. Categoria:Opere teatrali di autori britannicic:Category:British plays
  55. Categoria:Opere teatrali di autori francesic:Category:French plays
  56. Categoria:Opere teatrali di autori norvegesic:Category:Norwegian plays
  57. Categoria:Persone legate ad Aleyc:Category:People of Aley
  58. Categoria:Primi ministri del Regno Hascemita di Giordaniac:Category:Prime ministers of Giordania
  59. Categoria:Primi ministri dell'Emirato di Transgiordaniac:Category:Prime ministers of Giordania
  60. Categoria:Produttori cinematografici camerunesic:Category:Film producers from Camerun
  61. Categoria:Religiosi indianic:Category:Indian religious leaders
  62. Categoria:Sport a Zugdidic:Category:Sports in Zugdidi
  63. Categoria:Stemmi dei comuni della provincia di Savonac:Category:Coats of arms of the province of Savona
  64. Categoria:Stilisti camerunesic:Category:Fashion designers from Camerun
  65. Categoria:Valichi del Molisec:Category:Mountain passes of Molise
  66. 1,2-difluorobenzenec:Category:1,2-Difluorobenzene
  67. 12 oz. Mousec:12 oz. mouse
  68. 16 Horsepowerc:Category:16 Horsepower
  69. 1620 Geographosc:(1620) Geographos cat of the same name c:Category:(1620) Geographos
  70. 18c:Category:18
  71. 19. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SSc:19. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS
  72. 1TYMc:Category:1TYM
  73. 20th CBRNE Commandc:Category:20th CBRNE Command
  74. 24 Ophiuchic:Category:24 Ophiuchi
  75. 24c:Category:24
  76. 26c:Category:26
  77. 2nd Chapter of Actsc:Category:2nd Chapter of Acts
  78. 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Commandc:Category:32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command
  79. 45 Eugeniac:(45) Eugenia
  80. 4660 Nereusc:(4660) Nereus
  81. 57/43 Mod. 1887c:Category:57/43 Mod. 1887
  82. 61ª Mostra internazionale d'arte cinematografica di Veneziac:Category:2004 Venice Film Festival
  83. 63rd Street Tunnelc:Category:63rd Street Tunnel
  84. 69230 Hermesc:(69230) Hermes
  85. 6º Jamboree mondiale dello scautismoc:Category:6th World Scout Jamboree
  86. 7,7 mm Arisakac:7.7 mm Japanese cat of the same name c:Category:7.7 mm Japanese
  87. 77c:Category:77
  88. 83c:Category:83
  89. 84c:Category:84
  90. 93 a.C.c:Category:93 BC
  91. 94c:Category:94
  92. 99 a.C.c:Category:99 BC
  93. 99c:Category:99
  94. A cavalloc:Category:Riders in heraldry
  95. A Dal 2019c:Category: A Dal 2019 blank
  96. A Dramatic Tour of Eventsc:A Dramatic Tour of Events
  97. A Kid Like Jakec:A Kid Like Jake cat of the same name c:Category:A Kid Like Jake
  98. A tutto reality - L'isola di Pahkitewc:Category:A tutto reality - L'isola di Pahkitew
  99. A. Roland Fieldsc:A. Roland Fields
  100. Aamot-statuettc:Category: Aamot-statuetten blank
  101. A'anac:A'ana
  102. Aaptosyax grypusc:Aaptosyax grypus cat of the same name c:Category:Aaptosyax grypus
  103. Aaron Renfreec:Aaron Renfree
  104. Abbazia di Santa Maria di Pulsanoc:Category:Monasteriers in Monte Sant'Angelo
  105. ABC (BitTorrent)c:ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client)
  106. Abdul Rashid Dostumc:Abdul Rashid Dostum cat of the same name c:Category:Abdul Rashid Dostum
  107. Abel Ferrarac:Abel Ferrara cat of the same name c:Category:Abel Ferrara
  108. Abies chensiensisc:Abies chensiensis cat of the same name c:Category:Abies chensiensis
  109. Abies durangensisc:Abies durangensis cat of the same name c:Category:Abies durangensis
  110. Abies recurvatac:Abies recurvata cat of the same name c:Category:Abies recurvata
  111. Abies sachalinensis var. gracilisc:Abies sachalinensis var. gracilis cat of the same name c:Category:Abies sachalinensis var. gracilis
  112. Abies spectabilisc:Abies spectabilis cat of the same name c:Category:Abies spectabilis
  113. Abies squamatac:Abies squamata cat of the same name c:Category:Abies squamata
  114. Abies vejariic:Abies vejarii cat of the same name c:Category:Abies vejarii
  115. Abubakar Shekauc:Category:Abubakar Shekau
  116. Acacallidec:Acacallide
  117. Acacia nigrescensc:Acacia nigrescens cat of the same name c:Category:Acacia nigrescens
  118. Acanthaceaec:Acanthaceae cat of the same name c:Category:Acanthaceae
  119. Acantheaec:Acantheae cat of the same name c:Category:Acantheae
  120. Acanthocarpus (botanica)c:Acanthocarpus (botanica)
  121. Acanthodoris luteac:Acanthodoris lutea cat of the same name c:Category:Acanthodoris lutea
  122. Acanthoideaec:Acanthoideae cat of the same name c:Category:Acanthoideae
  123. Accademia delle Arti di Stettinoc:Category:Accademia delle Arti di Stettino
  124. Accademia di belle arti Eugeniusz Geppertc:Category:Accademia di Belle Arti Eugeniusz Geppert
  125. Accademia di pedagogia speciale Maria Grzegorzewska di Varsaviac:Category:Accademia di pedagogia speciale Maria Grzegorzewska di Varsavia
  126. Accento graficoc:Akzent
  127. Accipiter princepsc:Accipiter princeps
  128. Accipitrimorphaec:Category:Accipitrimorphae
  129. Acesidac:acesida lowercase
  130. Achillea erba-rotta moschatac:Achillea erba-rotta moschata
  131. Acholeplasma palmaec:Category:Acholeplasma palmae
  132. Acido pantotenicoc:Pantothenic acid cat of the same name c:Category:Pantothenic acid
  133. Acido pimelicoc:Pimelic acid
  134. Acipenser oxyrhinchus desotoic:Category:Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi
  135. Ackerman (Mississippi)c:Category:Ackerman, Mississippi
  136. Acomayoc:Category:Acomayo
  137. Acquedotto dell'Acqua Paolac:Category:Aqua Paola (Rome)
  138. Acquedotto di Mogontiacumc:Category:Roman Monuments in Mainz
  139. Acrochordus arafuraec:Acrochordus arafurae cat of the same name c:Category:Acrochordus arafurae
  140. Adam Michnikc:Adam Michnik cat of the same name c:Category:Adam Michnik
  141. Adams (Minnesota)c:Category:Adams, Minnesota
  142. Adelidaec:Adelidae cat of the same name c:Category:Adelidae
  143. Adelinaec:Adelinae cat of the same name c:Category:Adelinae
  144. Adenomus kelaartiic:Adenomus kelaartii cat of the same name c:Category:Adenomus kelaartii
  145. Adenophorac:Adenophora cat of the same name c:Category:Adenophora
  146. Adi Qualac:Category:Adi Quala
  147. Adigenic:Category:Adigeni
  148. Admirec:Category:Admire, Kansas
  149. Adolf Friedrich Karl Streckfussc:Adolf Friederich Karl Streckfuss
  150. Adolph Caesarc:Adolph Caesar
  151. Adolphe Giraldonc:Adolphe Giraldon cat of the same name c:Category:Adolphe Giraldon
  152. Adriaen Mathamc:Category:Adriaen Matham#mediaviewer/File:Illustration of a poem - Adriaen Matham.jpg extension ok? file link?
  153. Adriaen Mathamc:Category:Adriaen Matham#mediaviewer/File:Temptress woman, devil, alchemist, by Andriaen Matham.jpg extension ok? file link?
  154. Adrian (Minnesota)c:Category:Adrian, Minnesota
  155. Adriano Fogliac:Category:Adriano Foglia
  156. Aeonium gomerensec:Aeonium gomerense cat of the same name c:Category:Aeonium gomerense
  157. Aepypodius arfakianusc:Aepypodius arfakianus cat of the same name c:Category:Aepypodius arfakianus
  158. Aepypodius bruijniic:Aepypodius bruijnii cat of the same name c:Category:Aepypodius bruijnii
  159. Aepypodiusc:Aepypodius cat of the same name c:Category:Aepypodius
  160. Aequorea forskaleac:Aequorea forskalea cat of the same name c:Category:Aequorea forskalea
  161. Aequorlitornithesc:Category:Aequorlitornithes
  162. Aequornithesc:Category:Aequornithes
  163. Aerangis fuscatac:Aerangis fuscata
  164. Aerides krabiensisc:Aerides krabiensis
  165. Aeronautica militare della Guinea Equatorialec:Category:Equatorial Guinea Air Corps
  166. Aeronautica militare e difesa aerea dell'Uzbekistanc:Category:Uzbekistan Air and Air Defense Forces
  167. Aeroporto di Bercac:Category:Berca Airfield
  168. Aeroporto di Bracciano-Vigna di Vallec:Aeroporto di Bracciano-Vigna di Valle
  169. Aeroporto di Craiovac:Category:Craiova Airport
  170. Aeroporto di Cufrac:Category:Kufra Airport
  171. Aeroporto di Groznyj-Severnyjc:Category:Grozny Airport
  172. Aeroporto di Satu Marec:Category:LRCV
  173. Aeroporto di Zuarac:Category:Zuwarah Airport
  174. Aeroporto Internazionale di Gorganc:Category:Gorgan Airport
  175. Aeroporto Internazionale di Sihanoukvillec:Sihanoukville International Airport
  176. Aethalopsc:Aethalops cat of the same name c:Category:Aethalops
  177. Affirmedc:Category:Affirmed
  178. Affondate la Bismarck!c:Category:Sink the Bismarck
  179. Africa Orientale Portoghesec:Category:en:Portuguese Mozambique lowercase
  180. Africanisc:Africanis cat of the same name c:Category:Africanis
  181. Afroavesc:Category:Australaves
  182. Agalychnis lemurc:Agalychnis lemur cat of the same name c:Category:Agalychnis lemur
  183. Agapanthia maculicornisc:Agapanthia maculicornis cat of the same name c:Category:Agapanthia maculicornis
  184. Agapornithinaec:Agapornithinae
  185. Agave beaulerianac:Agave beauleriana cat of the same name c:Category:Agave beauleriana
  186. AGedOc:Paola Dall'Orto
  187. Agenzia degli stati del Punjabc:Category:Agenzia degli stati del Punjab
  188. Aglyptodactylus madagascariensisc:Aglyptodactylus madagascariensis cat of the same name c:Category:Aglyptodactylus madagascariensis
  189. Aglyptodactylus securiferc:Aglyptodactylus securifer cat of the same name c:Category:Aglyptodactylus securifer
  190. Agrostisc:Agrostis cat of the same name c:Category:Agrostis
  191. Agua de Anniquec:Category:Agua de Annique
  192. Aha hac:Category:Aha ha
  193. Ahmad al-Khatibc:Category:Ahmad al-Khatib
  194. Ahmad Taktoukc:Ahmad Taktouk cat of the same name c:Category:Ahmad Taktouk
  195. Aileen Quinnc:Aileen Quinn
  196. Ailuroedus buccoidesc:Ailuroedus buccoides cat of the same name c:Category:Ailuroedus buccoides
  197. Ailuroedus geislerorumc:Ailuroedus geislerorum cat of the same name c:Category:Ailuroedus geislerorum
  198. Ailuropodac:Ailuropoda cat of the same name c:Category:Ailuropoda
  199. Aimee Richardsonc:Aimee Richardson cat of the same name c:Category:Aimee Richardson
  200. Aitor Osac:Category:Aitor Osa
  201. Ajsel Kujovićc:Category:Ajsel Kujovic
  202. Ajugoideaec:Ajugoideae cat of the same name c:Category:Ajugoideae
  203. AK-101c:AK-101 cat of the same name c:Category:AK-101
  204. Aki Kuroda (musicista)c:Aki Kuroda
  205. Akina Nakamoric:Category:Akina Nakamori
  206. Aknystosc:Category:Aknystos
  207. Ala a freccia negativac:Category:Forward swept wings
  208. Alabama (gruppo musicale)c:Alabama (gruppo musicale)
  209. Alan Patonc:Alan Paton
  210. Alan Patrickc:Category:FC Shakhtar Donetsk squad
  211. Alan White (batterista 1972)c:Alan White (Oasis drummer)
  212. Alaudac:Alauda cat of the same name c:Category:Alauda
  213. Albert (Kansas)c:Category:Albert, Kansas
  214. Albert Brennerc:Albert Brenner
  215. Albert G. Porterc:Albert G. Porter
  216. Albert S. D'Agostinoc:Albert S. D'Agostino
  217. Albertavenatorc:Category:Albertavenator
  218. Albingc:Lauriacum cat of the same name c:Category:Lauriacum
  219. Alcedo coerulescensc:Alcedo coerulescens cat of the same name c:Category:Alcedo coerulescens
  220. Alcedo euryzonac:Alcedo euryzona cat of the same name c:Category:Alcedo euryzona
  221. Alcione (paleontologia)c:Alcione elainus
  222. Alda Merinic:Alda Merini cat of the same name c:Category:Alda Merini
  223. Aldinac:Santa Caterina da Siena - Lettere, Aldo, 1500.djvu ?uselang=it language ok?
  224. Aldo Borgonzonic:Category:Aldo Borgonzoni
  225. Aldrichetta forsteric:Aldrichetta forsteri cat of the same name c:Category:Aldrichetta forsteri
  226. Aleister Crowleyc:Aleister Crowley cat of the same name c:Category:Aleister Crowley
  227. Alejandro Korn (Buenos Aires)c:Category:Alejandro Korn, Buenos Aires
  228. Aleksandr Askol'dovc:Aleksandr Askol'dov
  229. Alepes djedabac:Alepes djedaba cat of the same name c:Category:Alepes djedaba
  230. Alessandro Haberc:Alessandro Haber cat of the same name c:Category:Alessandro Haber
  231. Alessandro Vastac:Category:Alessandro Vasta
  232. Alessandro Venturellac:Alessandro Venturella
  233. Alessio Fasanoc:Category: Alessio Fasano blank
  234. Alessio Spataroc:Category:Alessio Spataro
  235. Aleuritesc:Aleurites cat of the same name c:Category:Aleurites
  236. Aleuron cymographumc:Aleuron cymographum cat of the same name c:Category:Aleuron cymographum
  237. Aleuron prominensc:Aleuron prominens cat of the same name c:Category:Aleuron prominens
  238. Aleuron ypanemaec:Aleuron ypanemae cat of the same name c:Category:Aleuron ypanemae
  239. Alex Cobbc:Category:Alex Cobb
  240. Alex Heffesc:Alex Heffes
  241. Alexander Carlislec:Category:Alexander Carlisle
  242. Alexander Toluboffc:Alexander Toluboff
  243. Alexandre Bustillo e Julien Mauryc:Alexandre Bustillo e Julien Maury
  244. Alexandre de Prouvillec:Alexandre de Prouville
  245. Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TIc:Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI cat of the same name c:Category:Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
  246. Alfonso Loretoc:Alfonso loreto
  247. Alford (Florida)c:Category:Alford, Florida
  248. Alfredo Cristianic:Category:Alfredo Cristiani
  249. Alfredo Scoccherac:Category:Alfredo Scocchera
  250. Alicia Keysc:Alicia Keys cat of the same name c:Category:Alicia Keys
  251. Alissa Czisnyc:Alissa Czisny cat of the same name c:Category:Alissa Czisny
  252. All-4-Onec:Category:All-4-One
  253. Allen (Kansas)c:Category:Allen, Kansas
  254. Allison Pineauc:Allison Pineau cat of the same name c:Category:Allison Pineau
  255. Allium calamarophilonc:Allium calamarophilon cat of the same name c:Category:Allium calamarophilon
  256. Allium nebrodensec:Allium nebrodense cat of the same name c:Category:Allium nebrodense
  257. Allobatesc:Allobates cat of the same name c:Category:Allobates
  258. Allochrocebusc:Category:Allochrocebus
  259. Allyn-Grapeviewc:Category:Allyn-Grapeview, Washington
  260. Aloeoc:aloeo lowercase
  261. Alope (mitologia)c:alope lowercase
  262. Alpine Villagec:Category:Alpine Village, California
  263. Alsipc:Category:Alsip, Illinois
  264. Alsodidaec:Alsodidae
  265. Alta Ripac:Category:Alta Ripa
  266. Alticorpusc:Category:Alticorpus
  267. Alusilc:Alusil
  268. Alytes muletensisc:Alytes muletensis cat of the same name c:Category:Alytes muletensis
  269. Amadinac:Amadina cat of the same name c:Category:Amadina
  270. Amandavac:Amandava cat of the same name c:Category:Amandava
  271. Amanita altipesc:Category:Amanita altipes
  272. Amanita gioiosac:Amanita gioiosa cat of the same name c:Category:Amanita gioiosa
  273. Amat Escalantec:Amat Escalante cat of the same name c:Category:Amat Escalante
  274. Amatenango del Vallec:Category:Amatenango
  275. Amati Modellismoc:Category:Amati modellismo
  276. Amazona diademac:Amazona diadema cat of the same name c:Category:Amazona diadema
  277. Amblygaster sirmc:Amblygaster sirm cat of the same name c:Category:Amblygaster sirm
  278. Amblyopappus pusillusc:Amblyopappus pusillus cat of the same name c:Category:Amblyopappus pusillus
  279. Amblyornis flavifronsc:Amblyornis flavifrons cat of the same name c:Category:Amblyornis flavifrons
  280. Amblyornis macgregoriaec:Amblyornis macgregoriae cat of the same name c:Category:Amblyornis macgregoriae
  281. Amblyornis subalarisc:Amblyornis subalaris cat of the same name c:Category:Amblyornis subalaris
  282. Ambo (Perù)c:Category:Ambo, Peru
  283. Amedeo Bianchic:Category:Amedeo Bianchi
  284. Ameivac:Ameiva cat of the same name c:Category:Ameiva
  285. American Airlines Groupc:American Airlines Group
  286. Americas Rugby Championship 2019c:Category:2019 Americas Rugby Championship
  287. Ami Suzukic:Category:Ami Suzuki
  288. Amikeca Retoc:Amikeca Reto
  289. Ammodillus imbellisc:Ammodillus imbellis
  290. Ammon (Idaho)c:Category:Ammon, Idaho
  291. Ammonoideac:Ammonoidea cat of the same name c:Category:Ammonoidea
  292. Amparac:Category:Ampara
  293. An Evening of New Musicc:An Evening of New Music
  294. Ana Gabrielc:Category:Ana Gabriel
  295. Anacleto Margottic:Category:Anacleto Margotti
  296. Anarrhinumc:Anarrhinum cat of the same name c:Category:Anarrhinum
  297. Anarthriaceaec:Anarthriaceae cat of the same name c:Category:Anarthriaceae
  298. Anatinaec:Anatinae
  299. Anatolicic:Ancient Anatolia cat of the same name c:Category:Ancient Anatolia
  300. Anatololacerta anatolicac:Anatololacerta anatolica cat of the same name c:Category:Anatololacerta anatolica
  301. Ancyluris meliboeusc:Ancyluris meliboeus cat of the same name c:Category:Ancyluris meliboeus
  302. Anders Colsefinic:Anders Colsefini
  303. Anderson (Australia)c:Anderson, Victoria cat of the same name c:Category:Anderson, Victoria
  304. Andigenac:Andigena cat of the same name c:Category:Andigena
  305. Andorite VIc:Andorite cat of the same name c:Category:Andorite
  306. Andrea Grazianic:Andrea Graziani cat of the same name c:Category:Andrea Graziani
  307. Andrea Mancinoc:Category:Andrea Mancino
  308. Andrea Suppac:Category:Andrea Suppa
  309. Andreas von Felbenc:Category:Andreas von Felben
  310. Andrena agilissimac:Andrena agilissima cat of the same name c:Category:Andrena agilissima
  311. Andrena humilisc:Andrena humilis cat of the same name c:Category:Andrena humilis
  312. Andrena nigroaeneac:Category::Andrena nigroaenea typo?
  313. Andrena ovatulac:Andrena ovatula cat of the same name c:Category:Andrena ovatula
  314. Andrena tibialisc:Andrena tibialis cat of the same name c:Category:Andrena tibialis
  315. Andrew Keeganc:Andrew Keegan
  316. Andrias sligoic:Andrias sligoi cat of the same name c:Category:Andrias sligoi
  317. Andrographideaec:Andrographideae cat of the same name c:Category:Andrographideae
  318. Andryalac:Andryala cat of the same name c:Category:Andryala
  319. Anethumc:Anethum cat of the same name c:Category:Anethum
  320. Ang Leec:Ang Lee cat of the same name c:Category:Ang Lee
  321. Angela Akic:Category:Angela Aki
  322. Angelo Avarelloc:Angelo Avarello
  323. Angelo Bassini (patriota)c:Angelo Bassini cat of the same name c:Category:Angelo Bassini
  324. Angelo Vecciac:Category:Angelo Veccia
  325. Angelonieaec:Angelonieae cat of the same name c:Category:Angelonieae
  326. Angioletta Coradinic:Category:Angioletta Coradini
  327. Anglo-arabo francesec:Category: Anglo-Arabian blank
  328. Angraecum sororiumc:Angraecum sororium
  329. Anguilla (Mississippi)c:Category:Anguilla, Mississippi
  330. Angus (Texas)c:Category:Angus, Texas
  331. Angus Sampsonc:Category:Angus Sampson
  332. Angus Wallc:Angus Wall
  333. Anita (Iowa)c:Category:Anita, Iowa
  334. Anita Dothc:Anita Doth
  335. Anjosc:Category:Anjos (Lisbon)
  336. Anna Hill Johnstonec:Anna Hill Johnstone
  337. Annet Mahendruc:Category:Annet Mahendru
  338. Annetta (Texas)c:Category:Annetta, Texas
  339. Annetta Northc:Category:Annetta North, Texas
  340. Annetta Southc:Category:Annetta South, Texas
  341. Annette Havenc:Category:Annette Haven
  342. Annibale Calinic:Category:Annibale Calini
  343. Annibale Carraccic:Category:17th-century paintings of adoration by the shepherds#mediaviewer/File:Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri), The Adoration of the Shepherds, c. 1607-10, Oil on canvas, 143 x 115cm, National Gallery of Scotland.jpg extension ok? file link?
  344. Annona (Texas)c:Category:Annona, Texas
  345. Anodonthyla boulengeriic:Anodonthyla boulengerii cat of the same name c:Category:Anodonthyla boulengerii
  346. Anodonthyla montanac:Anodonthyla montana cat of the same name c:Category:Anodonthyla montana
  347. Anodonthyla nigrigularisc:Anodonthyla nigrigularis cat of the same name c:Category:Anodonthyla nigrigularis
  348. Anodonthyla pollicarisc:Anodonthyla pollicaris cat of the same name c:Category:Anodonthyla pollicaris
  349. Anodontostoma chacundac:Anodontostoma chacunda cat of the same name c:Category:Anodontostoma chacunda
  350. Anodorhynchus purpurascensc:Anodorhynchus purpurascens cat of the same name c:Category:Anodorhynchus purpurascens
  351. Anolis allisonic:Anolis allisoni cat of the same name c:Category:Anolis allisoni
  352. Anomalepididaec:Category:Anomalepididae
  353. Anomochlooideaec:Anomochlooideae cat of the same name c:Category:Anomochlooideae
  354. Anserinaec:Anserinae
  355. Anthemis cupanianac:Category:Anthemis cupaniana
  356. Anthiinae (Carabidae)c:Category:Anthiitae
  357. Anthony Blondellc:Category:Anthony Blondell
  358. Anthony Pagec:Anthony Page
  359. Anthophora sicheliic:Category:Anthophora sichelii
  360. Anthoxanthumc:Anthoxanthum cat of the same name c:Category:Anthoxanthum
  361. Antibalasc:Category:Antibalas
  362. Anticiclogenesic:Anticiclogenesi
  363. Antirrhinoideaec:Antirrhinoideae
  364. ANT-IVc:Aerosan
  365. Antoine Olivier Pilonc:Category:Antoine Olivier Pilon
  366. Anton Aussererc:Anton Ausserer
  367. Antonac:Antona (Massa) cat of the same name c:Category:Antona (Massa)
  368. Antonello Boncic:Category:Antonello Bonci
  369. Antonianos di Afrodisiac:Category:Antonianos di Afrodisia
  370. Antonino Berrettaroc:Category:Antonino Berrettaro
  371. Antonino Catalano (pittore)c:Category:Antonino Catalano
  372. Antonio Aguilarc:Antonio Aguilar cat of the same name c:Category:Antonio Aguilar
  373. Antonio Bovac:Category:Antonio Bova
  374. Antonio Catalanoc:Category:Antonio Catalano
  375. Antonio Granoc:Category:Antonio Grano
  376. Antonio Madionac:Category:Antonio Madiona
  377. Antonio Martellic:Category:Antonio Martelli
  378. Antonio Muttonec:Category:Antonio Muttone
  379. Antonio Pasinettic:Category:Antonio Pasinetti
  380. Antonio Vanellac:Category:Antonio Vanella
  381. Aoniraptorc:Category:Aoniraptor
  382. Apache Indianc:Category:Apache Indian
  383. Apalharpactesc:Apalharpactes cat of the same name c:Category:Apalharpactes
  384. Apaloderma narinac:Apaloderma narina cat of the same name c:Category:Apaloderma narina
  385. Apalodermac:Apaloderma cat of the same name c:Category:Apaloderma
  386. Aphredoderus sayanusc:Aphredoderus sayanus cat of the same name c:Category:Aphredoderus sayanus
  387. Apicoltura urbanac:Urban beekeeping
  388. Apis koschevnikovic:Apis koschevnikovi
  389. Apodemus speciosusc:Apodemus speciosus cat of the same name c:Category:Apodemus speciosus
  390. Apogonichthyoides pharaonisc:Apogonichthyoides pharaonis
  391. Apple S1c:Category:Apple S1
  392. Apple S2c:Category:Apple S2
  393. Apple S3c:Category:Apple S2
  394. Apple S4c:Category:Apple S4
  395. Aprilia Amicoc:Category:Aprilia Amico
  396. Apsûc:Category:Apsu
  397. Aptosimeaec:Aptosimeae cat of the same name c:Category:Aptosimeae
  398. Ara Abrahamianc:Category:Ara Abrahamian
  399. Ara atwoodic:Category:Ara atwoodi
  400. Araliaceaec:Araliaceae cat of the same name c:Category:Araliaceae
  401. Aransas Passc:Category:Aransas Pass, Texas
  402. Arbon Valleyc:Category:Arbon Valley, Idaho
  403. Arcadia (Indiana)c:Category:Arcadia, Indiana
  404. Arcadia Lakesc:Category:Arcadia Lakes, South Carolina
  405. Archaeocalamitaceaec:Archaeocalamitaceae cat of the same name c:Category:Archaeocalamitaceae
  406. Archaeornithoides deinosauriscusc:Category:Archaeornithoides
  407. Archboldomysc:Archboldomys cat of the same name c:Category:Archboldomys
  408. Archontophoenixc:Archontophoenix cat of the same name c:Category:Archontophoenix
  409. Arco normanno (San Giovanni in Fiore)c:Arco normanno (San Giovanni in Fiore) cat of the same name c:Category:Arco normanno (San Giovanni in Fiore)
  410. Arcola (Mississippi)c:Category:Arcola, Mississippi
  411. Ardeaec:Category:Ardeae
  412. Arecac:Areca cat of the same name c:Category:Areca
  413. Arena Pacinic:Category:Arena Pacini (Catania)
  414. Argophyllaceaec:Argophyllaceae cat of the same name c:Category:Argophyllaceae
  415. Ariel Vromenc:Ariel Vromen
  416. Arimo (Idaho)c:Category:Arimo, Idaho
  417. Aristochromis christyic:Aristochromis christyi
  418. Arkalykc:Category:Arkalyk
  419. Arkoec:Category:Arkoe, Missouri
  420. Arlington (Iowa)c:Category:Arlington, Iowa
  421. Arlington (Minnesota)c:Category:Arlington, Minnesota
  422. Arlington Vallesc:Arlington Valles
  423. Arma dei trasporti e materialic:Category:Arma dei trasporti e materiali
  424. Army of Lovec:Army of love
  425. Arnaldo Pocherc:Category:Arnaldo Pocher
  426. Arnardalsleiðc:Category:Road 905 (Iceland)
  427. Arne Mattssonc:Arne Mattsson cat of the same name c:Category:Arne Mattsson
  428. Arnicac:Arnica cat of the same name c:Category:Arnica
  429. Arnold von Vietinghoffc:Category:Arnold von Vietinghoff
  430. Aromi del vinoc:Aromi del vino
  431. Aromobatidaec:Aromobatidae cat of the same name c:Category:Aromobatidae
  432. AronChupac:Category:AronChupa
  433. Art Pollardc:Category:Art Pollard
  434. Artabrusc:Artabrus planipudens cat of the same name c:Category:Artabrus planipudens
  435. Arte del Cambioc:Category:arte del Cambio lowercase
  436. Arte modernac:Category:Massacre of the Acqui Division at Cephalonia and Corfu (Monument), Verona 1966 by Mario Salazzari
  437. Artesia (Mississippi)c:Category:Artesia, Mississippi
  438. Arthroleptidaec:Arthroleptidae cat of the same name c:Category:Arthroleptidae
  439. Arthrostylidiinaec:Arthrostylidiinae cat of the same name c:Category:Arthrostylidiinae
  440. Arthur Cohnc:Arthur Cohn
  441. Arthur Maxc:Arthur Max
  442. Arturo Sacchettic:Category:Arturo Sacchetti
  443. Arundinarieaec:Arundinarieae cat of the same name c:Category:Arundinarieae
  444. Arzani-Volpinic:Arzani-Volpini
  445. Asakura Toshikagec:Category:Asakura Toshikage
  446. Asami Konnoc:Category:Asami Konno
  447. Ascensore Magenta-Croccoc:Ascensore Magenta Crocco
  448. Ashland (California)c:Category:Ashland, California
  449. Ashley Fletcherc:Category:Ashley Fletcher
  450. Aspreno I Colonnac:Aspreno I Colonna
  451. Assani Lukimya-Mulongotic:Category:Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti
  452. Astatotilapia flaviijosephic:Astatotilapia flaviijosephi
  453. Astatulac:Category:Astatula, Florida
  454. Asteridaec:Category:Asteridae
  455. Asterophryinaec:Asterophryinae cat of the same name c:Category:Asterophryinae
  456. Aston Martin Vanquish AM310c:Category:Aston Martin Vanquish AM310
  457. Astracantha nebrodensisc:Astracantha nebrodensis
  458. Astrapiac:Astrapia cat of the same name c:Category:Astrapia
  459. Astrocaryumc:Astrocaryum cat of the same name c:Category:Astrocaryum
  460. Astrochelysc:Astrochelys cat of the same name c:Category:Astrochelys
  461. Astrohippusc:Astrohippus
  462. Atelierc:Category:Atelier
  463. Atelopus spumariusc:Atelopus spumarius cat of the same name c:Category:Atelopus spumarius
  464. Athlone (Australia)c:Athlone, Victoria
  465. Athol (Idaho)c:Category:Athol, Idaho
  466. Atlanta Tennis Championships 2010c:Category:2010 Atlanta Tennis Championships
  467. Atlantic Beach (Carolina del Sud)c:Category:Atlantic Beach, South Carolina
  468. Atletica leggera agli VIII Giochi panamericanic:Category:1979 Pan American Games athletics
  469. Atol das Rocasc:Category:World Heritage Sites in Brasil
  470. Atopomyrmex calpocalycolac:Category:Atopomyrmex calpocalycola
  471. Atqasukc:Category:Atqasuk, Alaska
  472. Atwater (Minnesota)c:Category:Atwater, Minnesota
  473. Auburntownc:Category:Auburntown, Tennessee
  474. Audrey Lindvallc:Category:Audrey Lindvall
  475. Auer Dultc:Auer Dult cat of the same name c:Category:Auer Dult
  476. Augosoma centaurusc:Augosoma centaurus cat of the same name c:Category:Augosoma centaurus
  477. Augustus Baldwin Longstreetc:Category:Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
  478. Aulacorhynchus atrogularisc:Aulacorhynchus atrogularis cat of the same name c:Category:Aulacorhynchus atrogularis
  479. Aulacorhynchus sulcatusc:Aulacorhynchus sulcatus cat of the same name c:Category:Aulacorhynchus sulcatus
  480. Auloniella maculisternac:Auloniella maculisterna
  481. Aulonocara aquiloniumc:Aulonocara aquilonium
  482. Aulonocara auditorc:Aulonocara auditor
  483. Aulonocara baenschic:Aulonocara baenschi cat of the same name c:Category:Aulonocara baenschi
  484. Aulonocara brevinidusc:Aulonocara brevinidus
  485. Aulonocara brevirostrec:Aulonocara brevirostre
  486. Aulonocara ethelwynnaec:Aulonocara ethelwynnae
  487. Aulonocara gertrudaec:Aulonocara gertrudae
  488. Aulonocara guentheric:Aulonocara guentheri
  489. Aulonocara hansbaenschic:Aulonocara hansbaenschi cat of the same name c:Category:Aulonocara hansbaenschi
  490. Aulonocara hueseric:Aulonocara hueseri cat of the same name c:Category:Aulonocara hueseri
  491. Aulonocara kandeensec:Aulonocara kandeense
  492. Aulonocara korneliaec:Aulonocara korneliae
  493. Aulonocara maylandic:Aulonocara maylandi cat of the same name c:Category:Aulonocara maylandi
  494. Aulonocara nyassaec:Aulonocara nyassae cat of the same name c:Category:Aulonocara nyassae
  495. Aulonocara rostratumc:Aulonocara rostratum
  496. Aulonocara saulosic:Aulonocara saulosi
  497. Aulonocara stonemanic:Aulonocara stonemani
  498. Aulonocara stuartgrantic:Aulonocara stuartgranti cat of the same name c:Category:Aulonocara stuartgranti
  499. Aulonocara trematocephalac:Aulonocara trematocephala
  500. Austin (Colorado)c:Category:Cory , Colorado
  501. Austin 15/20c:Category:Austin 15/20
  502. Australavesc:Category:Australaves
  503. Austroaeschna tasmanicac:Austroaeschna tasmanica cat of the same name c:Category:Austroaeschna tasmanica
  504. Austrodyptornithesc:Category:Austrodyptornithes
  505. Austwellc:Category:Austwell, Texas
  506. Automotore FS 213.4000c:Category:FS 213
  507. Automotore FS 215c:Category:FS 215
  508. Automotrice ARST ADec:Category:FdS ADe
  509. Automotrice FCE ADe 11-20c:Category:FCE ADe 11-20
  510. Automotrice FG ALe 80c:Category:FG ALe 80
  511. Automotrice FNM E.720c:Category:FNM E 730
  512. Automotrice FS ALe 540c:Category:FS ALe 540
  513. Automotrice FS ALn 776c:Category:FS ALn 776
  514. Automotrice FS ALn 873c:Category:FS ALn 873
  515. Automotrice M2 serie 50c:Category:FCL M2 serie 50
  516. Automotrice SNFT An 70.231c:Category:SNFT An 70
  517. Automotrice SV ADn 500c:Category:SV ADn 500
  518. Autoroute des Deux Mersc:Autoroute des Deux Mers
  519. Autostrade in Lituaniac:Category:Autostrade della Lituania
  520. Avanti Martinettic:Category:Avanti Martinetti
  521. Aveairfoilac:Category:Aveairfoila
  522. Aveneaec:Aveneae cat of the same name c:Category:Aveneae
  523. Aveninaec:Aveninae cat of the same name c:Category:Aveninae
  524. Avery (Texas)c:Category:Avery, Texas
  525. Avicenniac:Avicennia cat of the same name c:Category:Avicennia
  526. Avisaurusc:Archaeornithura cat of the same name c:Category:Archaeornithura
  527. Avon (Indiana)c:Category:Avon, Indiana
  528. Avon (Minnesota)c:Category:Avon, Minnesota
  529. Avulsedc:Category:Avulsed
  530. Awdry Vaucourc:Category:Awdry Vaucour
  531. Aynorc:Category:Aynor, South Carolina
  532. Aythyinic:Aythyinae
  533. Azione di Poljakovc:Category:Stringtheory
  534. Azione Nambu-Gotoc:Category:Stringtheory
  535. Bà Rịac:Category:Ba Ria
  536. Babankac:Category:Babanka
  537. Babatic:Category:Babati
  538. Bacillus (insetti)c:Bacillus (insetti)
  539. Bacini ceramici delle chiese pisanec:Bacini ceramici delle chiese pisane
  540. Bacino Harneyc:Category:Harney Basin
  541. Bactris guineensisc:Bactris guineensis cat of the same name c:Category:Bactris guineensis
  542. Baghal (stato)c:Category:Baghal State
  543. Baghat (stato)c:Category:Baghat State
  544. Bainvillec:Category:Bainville, Montana
  545. Bajorai (Rokiškis)c:Category:Bajorai
  546. Bakhtyar Khudojnazarovc:Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov
  547. Balaenoptera musculus brevicaudac:Category:Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda
  548. Baldac:Category:Balda
  549. Baldassarre Grassoc:Category:Baldassarre Grasso
  550. Balthasar Holtec:Category:Balthasar Holte
  551. Bambusinaec:Bambusinae cat of the same name c:Category:Bambusinae
  552. Banca Popolare dell'Etruria e del Lazioc:preposizione=sulla lowercase
  553. Banca statale dell'URSSc:Category:Gosbank
  554. Bancroft (Idaho)c:Category:Bancroft, Idaho
  555. Baniwa yavitensisc:Baniwa yavitensis cat of the same name c:Category:Baniwa yavitensis
  556. Bankrupt!c:Bankrupt!
  557. Banks (Idaho)c:Category:Banks, Idaho
  558. Bannykusc:Category:Bannykus
  559. Bảo Lộcc:Category:Bao Loc
  560. Baragoic:Category:Baragoi
  561. Barbatulac:Barbatula cat of the same name c:Category:Barbatula
  562. Barbuccac:Barbucca
  563. Barbus hulstaertic:Category:Barbus hulstaerti
  564. Bargersvillec:Category:Bargersville, Indiana
  565. Barlerieaec:Barlerieae cat of the same name c:Category:Barlerieae
  566. Barrowfordc:Barrowford cat of the same name c:Category:Barrowford
  567. Barry Morrowc:Barry Morrow
  568. Barstow (Texas)c:Category:Barstow, Texas
  569. Bartolomeo Sambrunicoc:Bartolomeo Sambrunico
  570. Basalt (Idaho)c:Category:Basalt, Idaho
  571. Bascomc:Category:Bascom, Florida
  572. Base aerea di Al Jufrac:Category:Al Jufra Airbase
  573. Base aerea di Ghardabiyac:Category:Ghardabiya Airbase
  574. Base aerea Maggiore Danilo Atienzac:Category:Naval Air Station Sangley Point
  575. Base della nubec:Base della nube
  576. Basilica abbaziale di San Martino delle Scalec:Category:Basilica abbaziale di San Martino delle Scale
  577. Basilica cattedrale di Maria Santissima Assuntac:Category:Maria Santissima Assunta (Caltabellotta)
  578. Basilica del Murgoc:Category:Basilica del Murgo (Augusta)
  579. Basilica di San Nicolò (Trapani)c:Category:San Nicola (Trapani)
  580. Basilica di San Pietro (Riposto)c:Category:San Pietro (Riposto)
  581. Basilica di San Procopioc:Category:World Heritage Sites in Czech Republic
  582. Basilica di San Sebastiano (Melilli)c:Category:Saint Sebastian Church (Melilli)
  583. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Nicosia)c:Category:Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Nicosia)
  584. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore de Domc:Category:Santa Maria Maggiore de Dom (Brescia)
  585. Basilica maggiore del Santissimo Salvatorec:Category:Santissimo Salvatore (San Salvatore di Fitalia)
  586. Basilisk IIc:Category:Basilisk II
  587. Bassfieldc:Category:Bassfield, Mississippi
  588. Bastione dei Riformatic:Category:Massacre of the Acqui Division at Cephalonia and Corfu (Monument), Verona 1966 by Mario Salazzari
  589. Bathysolea profundicolac:Category:Bathysolea profundicola
  590. Batrachylidaec:Batrachylidae
  591. Battaglia del giorno di San Matteoc:Category:Battaglia del giorno di San Matteo
  592. Battaglia del mar Mediterraneo (1914-1918)c:Mediterranean U-boat Campaign (World War I)
  593. Battaglia di Giuncaricoc:Category:Repubblica di Massa
  594. Battaglia di Helgoland (1917)c:Category:Battle of Heligoland Bight (1917)
  595. Battaglia di Salamina in Cipro (306 a.C.)c:Battaglia di Salamina
  596. Batteria Pattacrocec:Category:Lac du Mont Cenis
  597. Battesimo di Cristo (Parmigianino)c:Category:Baptism of Christ (Parmigianino)
  598. Battista da Vicenzac:Category:Battista da Vicenza
  599. Bau (mitologia)c:Category:Bau
  600. Baudettec:Category:Baudette, Minnesota
  601. Bay Springsc:Category:Bay Springs, Mississippi
  602. Bayport (Minnesota)c:Category:Bayport, Minnesota
  603. Bayside (Texas)c:Category:Bayside, Texas
  604. Bazarganc:Category:Bazargan
  605. Bearcreekc:Category:Bearcreek, Montana
  606. Beaumont (Mississippi)c:Category:Beaumont, Mississippi
  607. Beauregard (Mississippi)c:Category:Beauregard, Mississippi
  608. Beaux Arts Villagec:Category:Beaux Arts Village, Washington
  609. Beaver (Oklahoma)c:Category:Beaver, Oklahoma
  610. Beaverlodgec:Category:Beaverlodge
  611. Becker (Minnesota)c:Category:Becker, Minnesota
  612. Beckvillec:Category:Beckville, Texas
  613. Becky Baylessc:Category:Becky Bayless
  614. Bedford Park (Illinois)c:Category:Bedford Park, Illinois
  615. Beggsc:Category:Beggs, Oklahoma
  616. Bejumac:Category:Bejuma
  617. Bellavista (Perù)c:Category:Bellavista, Peru
  618. Belle Plaine (Minnesota)c:Category:Belle Plaine, Minnesota
  619. Bellefirec:Category:Bellefire
  620. Belleville (Arkansas)c:Category:Belleville, Arkansas
  621. Bellottia apodac:Category:Bellottia apoda
  622. Belmondc:Category:Belmond, Iowa
  623. Belpre (Kansas)c:Category:Belpre, Kansas
  624. Ben Bovac:Ben Bova
  625. Ben Haenowc:Category:Ben Haenow (singer)
  626. Ben van Osc:Ben van Os
  627. Ben Vereenc:Ben Vereen cat of the same name c:Category:Ben Vereen
  628. Ben Westbeechc:Category:Ben Westbeech
  629. Benjamin Preston Clarkc:Benjamin Preston Clark
  630. Benjamin Valzc:Benjamin Valz
  631. Bennington (Idaho)c:Category:Bennington, Idaho
  632. Benthamiellac:Benthamiella cat of the same name c:Category:Benthamiella
  633. Bentley (Kansas)c:Category:Bentley, Kansas
  634. Bentley 4¼ Litrec:Category:Bentley 4,25-Litre
  635. Beresford (Nuovo Brunswick)c:Category:Beresford, New Brunswick
  636. Beretta ARX 200c:Category:Beretta ARX-200
  637. Bergbambos tessellatec:Bergbambos tessellate
  638. Berlin Kobrac:Category:Berlin Kobra
  639. Berlin Rebelsc:Category:Berlin Rebels
  640. Bernhard von der Borchc:Category:Bernhard von der Borch
  641. Bertil Roosc:Bertil Roos
  642. Bertoldo di Hannoverc:Category:Bertoldo di Hannover
  643. Beslerieaec:Beslerieae cat of the same name c:Category:Beslerieae
  644. Bethalc:Category:Bethal
  645. Bethune (Carolina del Sud)c:Category:Bethune, South Carolina
  646. Bettowiac:Category:Bettowia
  647. Betty Fools Dear Old Dadc:Category:Release flier for BETTY FOOLS DEAR OLD DAD, 1912.jpg extension ok?
  648. Beyond (gruppo musicale)c:Category:Beyond (band)
  649. Beyond Good & Evilc:Beyond Good and Evil
  650. Bhajji (stato)c:Category:Bhajji State
  651. BHF-Bankc:BHF-Bank
  652. Biagio Petrocellic:Category:Biagio Petrocelli
  653. Biathlon agli XI Giochi paralimpici invernalic:Category:Biathlon at the 2014 Winter Paralympics
  654. Bibliografia sulla prima guerra mondialec:Bibliografia sulla prima guerra mondiale
  655. Biblioteca Legalec:Category:Biblioteca Legale#/media/File:1882bibliotecalegaleN0001a.jpg extension ok? file link?
  656. Biblioteca Legalec:Category:Biblioteca Legale#/media/File:1885bibliotecalegaleN0007a.jpg extension ok? file link?
  657. Biblioteca Legalec:Category:Cataloghi Casa Editrice E. Pietrocola#/media/File:1913bibliotecalegaleda1391a1408.jpg extension ok? file link?
  658. Bibo Bergeronc:Bibo Bergeron
  659. Bice Lombardinic:Bice Lombardini cat of the same name c:Category:Bice Lombardini
  660. BicItaliac:Category:BicItalia
  661. Big & Richc:Category:Big & Rich
  662. Big Creek (Mississippi)c:Category:Big Creek, Mississippi
  663. Big Deltac:Category:Big Delta, Alaska
  664. Big European Bubble Chamberc:Big European Bubble Chamber cat of the same name c:Category:Big European Bubble Chamber
  665. Big Pointc:Category:Big Point, Mississippi
  666. Biggs (California)c:Category:Biggs, California
  667. Bigio (scultura)c:Category:Statua del Bigio (Brescia)
  668. Bignonieaec:Bignonieae cat of the same name c:Category:Bignonieae
  669. Bija (stato)c:Category:Bija State
  670. Bikini bianco di Ursula Andressc:Category:Dr. No Bikini
  671. Bill Cobbsc:Bill Cobbs cat of the same name c:Category:Bill Cobbs
  672. Bill McLarenc:Category:Bill McLaren
  673. Billy Daviesc:Category:Billy Davies
  674. Billy Joe Royalc:Billy Joe Royal
  675. Billy Mayc:Billy May
  676. Billy Tiptonc:Billy Tipton
  677. Biotopo dei Lagacciolic:Category:Lagaccioli
  678. Biotopo dei Lagonic:Category:Biotopo dei Lagoni
  679. Biotopo Laghetto di Montieric:Category:Laghetto di Montieri
  680. Biotopo San Leopoldoc:Category:Biotopo San Leopoldo
  681. Biotopo Valsurac:Biotopo Valsura cat of the same name c:Category:Biotopo Valsura
  682. Bird Island (Minnesota)c:Category:Bird Island, Minnesota
  683. Biscutellac:Biscutella cat of the same name c:Category:Biscutella
  684. Bixby (Oklahoma)c:Category:Bixby, Oklahoma
  685. Black and White Americac:Black and White America
  686. Black Daisyc:Category:Black Daisy
  687. Blacksburg (Carolina del Sud)c:Category:Blacksburg, South Carolina
  688. Blakasc:Blakas
  689. Blake Heronc:Blake Heron
  690. Blanchard (Idaho)c:Category:Blanchard, Idaho
  691. Blanchard (Oklahoma)c:Category:Blanchard, Oklahoma
  692. Blenheim (Carolina del Sud)c:Category:Blenheim, South Carolina
  693. Bligger von Steinachc:Bligger von Steinach
  694. Bliss (Idaho)c:Category:Bliss, Idaho
  695. Blood, Sweat & Tearsc:Category:Blood, Sweat & Tears
  696. Bloomer (Wisconsin)c:Category:Bloomer, Wisconsin
  697. Bloomington (Idaho)c:Category:Bloomington, Idaho
  698. Blue Jeans (film)c:Category:Blue Jeans (film)
  699. Bluewater (Arizona)c:Category:Bluewater, Arizona
  700. Blunt (Dakota del Sud)c:Category:Blunt, South Dakota
  701. Blutoc:Popeye cat of the same name c:Category:Popeye
  702. Blythewoodc:Category:Blythewood, South Carolina
  703. BMW S55c:Category:BMW S55
  704. Bob Mackiec:Bob Mackie cat of the same name c:Category:Bob Mackie
  705. Bob Murawskic:Bob Murawski
  706. Bob Nelsonc:Bob Nelson cat of the same name c:Category:Bob Nelson
  707. Bob Nystromc:Category:Bob Nystrom
  708. Bobby Troupc:Bobby Troup cat of the same name c:Category:Bobby Troup
  709. Bobi Winec:Category:Bobi Wine
  710. Boeing AH-64 Apachec:Category:AH-64A (Heyl Ha'Avir)
  711. Boeing F-15SE Silent Eaglec:F-15SE Silent Eagle
  712. Bogdocosa baskuntchakensisc:Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis
  713. Bogue Chittoc:Category:Bogue Chitto, Mississippi
  714. Bois-Guillaume-Bihorelc:Category:Bois-Guillaume-Bihorel
  715. Bokwang Phoenix Parkc:gg lowercase
  716. Boletus pseudoregiusc:Category:Butyriboletus pseudoregius
  717. Bolivia (Carolina del Nord)c:Bolivia, North Carolina
  718. Bolyeria multocarinatac:Bolyeria multocarinata cat of the same name c:Category:Bolyeria multocarinata
  719. Bombus vestalisc:Bombus vestalis cat of the same name c:Category:Bombus vestalis
  720. Bonardac:Category:Bonarda
  721. Bondurant (Iowa)c:Category:Bondurant, Iowa
  722. Boniface Alexandrec:Category:Boniface Alexandre
  723. Bonifiche agrarie in Italiac:Category:Meliorationsarbeit
  724. Bonneau (Stati Uniti)c:Category:Bonneau, South Carolina
  725. Bonnie Franklinc:Bonnie Franklin cat of the same name c:Category:Bonnie Franklin
  726. Bonthec:Category:Bonthe
  727. Boophis blommersaec:Boophis blommersae
  728. Boophis haematopusc:Boophis haematopus
  729. Borassodendron machadonisc:Borassodendron machadonis cat of the same name c:Category:Borassodendron machadonis
  730. Borboropactusc:Category:Borboropactus
  731. Borgagnec:Category:Borgagne
  732. Borgocarbonarac:Category:Borgocarbonara
  733. Borodino (Territorio di Krasnojarsk)c:Category:Borodino, Krasnoyarsk Krai
  734. Borsanoc:Category:Borsano
  735. Bothrops neuwiedic:Bothrops neuwiedi cat of the same name c:Category:Bothrops neuwiedi
  736. Boulevard Ornanoc:Category:Boulevard Ornano
  737. Boulevard Zog Ic:Category:Boulevard Zog I
  738. Bowkerieaec:Bowkerieae
  739. Bozen Greenc:Category:Bozen Green
  740. Brabham BT34c:Brabham BT34 cat of the same name c:Category:Brabham BT34
  741. Brachyelytrumc:Brachyelytrum cat of the same name c:Category:Brachyelytrum
  742. Brachyglottidinaec:Category:Brachyglottidinae
  743. Brachypodium distachyonc:Brachypodium distachyon cat of the same name c:Category:Brachypodium distachyon
  744. Brachyta petriccioneic:Brachyta petriccionei cat of the same name c:Category:Brachyta petriccionei
  745. Bradenc:Category:Braden, Tennessee
  746. Bradford (Arkansas)c:Category:Bradford, Arkansas
  747. Bradley (Illinois)c:Category:Bradley, Illinois
  748. Bradypodion damaranumc:Bradypodion damaranum cat of the same name c:Category:Bradypodion damaranum
  749. Bradypodion dracomontanumc:Bradypodion dracomontanum cat of the same name c:Category:Bradypodion dracomontanum
  750. Bradypterus brunneusc:Bradypterus brunneus cat of the same name c:Category:Bradypterus brunneus
  751. Braham (Minnesota)c:Category:Braham, Minnesota
  752. Brahea armatac:Brahea armata cat of the same name c:Category:Brahea armata
  753. Braheac:Brahea cat of the same name c:Category:Brahea
  754. Brajarajnagarc:Category:Brajarajnagar
  755. Braquoc:Category:Braquo
  756. Brasiliac:Category:World Heritage Sites in Brasil
  757. Bravoniumc:Category:Bravonium
  758. Braxton (Mississippi)c:Category:Braxton, Mississippi
  759. Breezy Pointc:Category:Breezy Point, Minnesota
  760. Breviceps montanusc:Breviceps montanus cat of the same name c:Category:Breviceps montanus
  761. Brevicipitidaec:Brevicipitidae cat of the same name c:Category:Brevicipitidae
  762. Brevoortia patronusc:Brevoortia patronus cat of the same name c:Category:Brevoortia patronus
  763. BrewDogc:Category:BrewDog
  764. Brian Cheskyc:Brian Chesky cat of the same name c:Category:Brian Chesky
  765. Brian Moormanc:Category:Brian Moorman
  766. Brian Murrayc:Category:Brian Murray
  767. Brian Perkc:Category:Brian Perk
  768. Briarcliff (Arkansas)c:Category:Briarcliff, Arkansas
  769. Briarcliffe Acresc:Category:Briarcliffe Acres, South Carolina
  770. Bridge City (Texas)c:Category:Bridge City, Texas
  771. Bridgeport (Oklahoma)c:Category:Bridgeport, Oklahoma
  772. Bridgeport (Texas)c:Category:Bridgeport, Texas
  773. Bridgeport (Washington)c:Category:Bridgeport, Washington
  774. Bridgerc:Category:Bridger, Montana
  775. Brier (Washington)c:Category:Brier, Washington
  776. Brizinaec:Brizinae cat of the same name c:Category:Brizinae
  777. Broaddusc:Category:Broaddus, Texas
  778. Broadusc:Category:Broadus, Montana
  779. Broadview (Illinois)c:Category:Brodaview, Illinois
  780. Broder Danielc:Category:Broder Daniel
  781. Brokopondoc:Category:Brokopondo, Suriname
  782. Bromuro di berillioc:Category:Beryllium bromide
  783. Bromus arvensisc:Bromus arvensis cat of the same name c:Category:Bromus arvensis
  784. Bromus benekeniic:Bromus benekenii cat of the same name c:Category:Bromus benekenii
  785. Bromus catharticusc:Bromus catharticus cat of the same name c:Category:Bromus catharticus
  786. Bromus commutatusc:Bromus commutatus cat of the same name c:Category:Bromus commutatus
  787. Bromus diandrusc:Bromus diandrus cat of the same name c:Category:Bromus diandrus
  788. Brookesia antakaranac:Brookesia antakarana
  789. Brookesia betschic:Brookesia betschi cat of the same name c:Category:Brookesia betschi
  790. Brookesia confidensc:Brookesia confidens cat of the same name c:Category:Brookesia confidens
  791. Brookesia thielic:Brookesia thieli cat of the same name c:Category:Brookesia thieli
  792. Brookshirec:Category:Brookshire, Texas
  793. Brooksville (Mississippi)c:Category:Brooksville, Mississippi
  794. Browervillec:Category:Browerville, Minnesota
  795. Brownsburgc:Category:Brownsburg, Indiana
  796. Brownsdalec:Category:Brownsdale, Minnesota
  797. Browntonc:Category:Brownton, Minnesota
  798. Brú na Bóinnec:Category:World Heritage Sites in Ireland
  799. Brunsonc:Category:Brunson, South Carolina
  800. Brunsvigiac:Brunsvigia cat of the same name c:Category:Brunsvigia
  801. Bryant (Arkansas)c:Category:Bryant, Arkansas
  802. Brylkinia caudatac:Brylkinia caudata
  803. Bryn Mawr-Skywayc:Category:Bryn Mawr-Skyway, Washington
  804. Buccochromis atritaeniatusc:Buccochromis atritaeniatus
  805. Buccochromis heterotaeniac:Buccochromis heterotaenia
  806. Buccochromis lepturusc:Buccochromis lepturus
  807. Buccochromis nototaeniac:Buccochromis nototaenia
  808. Buccochromis oculatusc:Buccochromis oculatus
  809. Buccochromis spectabilisc:Buccochromis spectabilis
  810. Bucerosc:Buceros cat of the same name c:Category:Buceros
  811. Bucharest International Film Festivalc:Category:Bucharest International Film Festival
  812. Buchnereaec:Buchnereae cat of the same name c:Category:Buchnereae
  813. Buchneriinaec:Buchneriinae
  814. Bucklin (Kansas)c:Category:Bucklin, Kansas
  815. Buckner (Arkansas)c:Category:Buckner, Arkansas
  816. Buco nero AdSc:Category:Black hole
  817. Bucraniumc:Category:Bucranium
  818. Buddhadeb Dasguptac:Buddhadeb Dasgupta cat of the same name c:Category:Buddhadeb Dasgupta
  819. Buddlejeaec:Buddlejeae cat of the same name c:Category:Buddlejeae
  820. Bude (Mississippi)c:Category:Bude, Mississippi
  821. Bueng Kanc:Category:Bueng Kan
  822. Buergeriac:Buergeria cat of the same name c:Category:Buergeria
  823. Buffalo Lakec:Category:Buffalo Lake, Minnesota
  824. Bufotes boulengeri siculusc:Bufotes boulengeri siculus
  825. Buhl (Minnesota)c:Category:Buhl, Minnesota
  826. Bull Shoalsc:Category:Bull Shoals, Arkansas
  827. Buln Bulnc:Buln Buln, Victoria cat of the same name c:Category:Buln Buln, Victoria
  828. Bump of Chickenc:Category:Bump of Chicken
  829. Bundhuc:Category:Su Bundhu
  830. Bunny Bleuc:Bunny Bleu cat of the same name c:Category:Bunny Bleu
  831. Bunraku (film)c:Category:Bunraku (film)
  832. Bunyuc:Category:Bunyu
  833. Burchard von Dreilebenc:Category:Burchard von Dreileben
  834. Burdett (Kansas)c:Category:Burdett, Kansas
  835. Burke (Texas)c:Category:Burke, Texas
  836. Burkhard von Hornhausenc:Category:Burkhard von Hornhausen
  837. Burlisonc:Category:Burlison, Tennessee
  838. Burnettownc:Category:Burnettown, South Carolina
  839. Burnham (Illinois)c:Category:Burnham, Illinois
  840. Burns (Tennessee)c:Category:Burns, Tennessee
  841. Burnsville (Mississippi)c:Category:Burnsville, Mississippi
  842. Burr (Nebraska)c:Category:Burr, Nebraska
  843. Bursidaec:Bursidae cat of the same name c:Category:Bursidae
  844. Busbeec:Category:busbee lowercase
  845. Bushbuckridgec:Category:Bushbuckridge
  846. Busia (Kenya)c:Category:Busia, Kenya
  847. Busia (Uganda)c:Category:Busia, Uganda
  848. Buteo archeric:Buteo archeri cat of the same name c:Category:Buteo archeri
  849. Buteo burmanicusc:Buteo burmanicus cat of the same name c:Category:Buteo burmanicus
  850. Buteogallus aequinoctialisc:Buteogallus aequinoctialis cat of the same name c:Category:Buteogallus aequinoctialis
  851. Buteogallus schistaceusc:Buteogallus schistaceus cat of the same name c:Category:Buteogallus schistaceus
  852. Buteogallus solitariusc:Buteogallus solitarius cat of the same name c:Category:Buteogallus solitarius
  853. Buterec:Category:Butere
  854. BWT AGc:BWT AG cat of the same name c:Category:BWT AG
  855. Bymainiellac:Category:Bymainiella
  856. Byron Howardc:Byron Howard cat of the same name c:Category:Byron Howard
  857. Cabassous unicinctusc:Cabassous unicinctus cat of the same name c:Category:Cabassous unicinctus
  858. Cacciaguidac:Cacciaguida
  859. Cacciamalic:Cacciamali (Ardesio) cat of the same name c:Category:Cacciamali (Ardesio)
  860. Cache (Oklahoma)c:Category:Cache, Oklahoma
  861. Cacuiac:Category:Cacuia (Rio de Janeiro)
  862. Cadillac Serie 314c:Category:Cadillac Series 314
  863. Caduta di Trebisondac:Category:Caduta di Trebisonda
  864. Cai Shangjunc:Cai Shangjun
  865. Cajanusc:Cajanus cat of the same name c:Category:Cajanus
  866. Calabernardoc:Category:Calabernardo
  867. Calamitaceaec:Calamitaceae cat of the same name c:Category:Calamitaceae
  868. Calanoidac:Calanoida cat of the same name c:Category:Calanoida
  869. Calcarius ornatusc:Calcarius ornatus cat of the same name c:Category:Calcarius ornatus
  870. Calciosamarskitec:Category:Calciosamarskite
  871. Caldwell (Kansas)c:Category:Caldwell, Kansas
  872. Caledonia (Mississippi)c:Category:Caledonia, Mississippi
  873. Calendario bengalesec:Category:Bengali calendars
  874. Calendario mondiale UCIc:Category:UCI World Tour races
  875. Calhoun Fallsc:Category:Calhoun Falls, South Carolina
  876. Calico Rockc:Category:Calico Rock, Arkansas
  877. Calionc:Category:Calion, Arkansas
  878. Callaway (Florida)c:Category:Callaway, Florida
  879. Callimedusac:Category:Callimedusa
  880. Callionima gracilisc:Callionima gracilis cat of the same name c:Category:Callionima gracilis
  881. Callionima grisescensc:Callionima grisescens cat of the same name c:Category:Callionima grisescens
  882. Callionima julianec:Callionima juliane cat of the same name c:Category:Callionima juliane
  883. Callionima ramsdenic:Callionima ramsdeni cat of the same name c:Category:Callionima ramsdeni
  884. Callitricheaec:Callitricheae cat of the same name c:Category:Callitricheae
  885. Callorhinchus callorynchusc:Callorhinchus callorynchus cat of the same name c:Category:Callorhinchus callorynchus
  886. Calocittac:Calocitta cat of the same name c:Category:Calocitta
  887. Calomera lunulatac:Calomera lunulata cat of the same name c:Category:Calomera lunulata
  888. Calopterygidaec:Calopterygidae cat of the same name c:Category:Calopterygidae
  889. Calopteryxc:Calopteryx cat of the same name c:Category:Calopteryx
  890. Calumma andringitraensec:Calumma andringitraense cat of the same name c:Category:Calumma andringitraense
  891. Calumma gallusc:Calumma gallus cat of the same name c:Category:Calumma gallus
  892. Calumma guibeic:Calumma guibei cat of the same name c:Category:Calumma guibei
  893. Calumma peyrierasic:Calumma peyrierasi cat of the same name c:Category:Calumma peyrierasi
  894. Calyceraceaec:Calyceraceae cat of the same name c:Category:Calyceraceae
  895. Calypsoinaec:Calypsoinae
  896. Calyptocephalellidaec:Calyptocephalellidae cat of the same name c:Category:Calyptocephalellidae
  897. Cameron (Carolina del Sud)c:Category:Cameron, South Carolina
  898. Cameron Brightc:Cameron Bright cat of the same name c:Category:Cameron Bright
  899. Camillina antiguac:Category:Camillina antigua
  900. Camillina arequipac:Category:Camillina arequipa
  901. Camillina balboac:Category:Camillina balboa
  902. Camillina biminic:Category:Camillina bimini
  903. Camillina caldasc:Category:Camillina caldas
  904. Camillina campechec:Category:Camillina campeche
  905. Camillina caucac:Category:Camillina cauca
  906. Camillina caymanc:Category:Camillina cayman
  907. Cammin (Seenplatte del Meclemburgo)c:Category:Cammin (bei Neubrandenburg)
  908. Camnago (Lentate sul Seveso)c:Camnago
  909. Campanula trichocalycinac:Campanula trichocalycina
  910. Campanuloideaec:Campanuloideae cat of the same name c:Category:Campanuloideae
  911. Campbell Stationc:Category:Campbell Station, Arkansas
  912. Campionati del mondo di triathlon del 2012c:Category:2012 ITU Triathlon World Championships
  913. Campionati del mondo di triathlon del 2013c:Category:2013 ITU Triathlon World Championships
  914. Campionati del mondo di triathlon del 2015c:Category:2015 ITU Triathlon World Championships
  915. Campionati del mondo di triathlon del 2016c:Category:2016 ITU Triathlon World Championships
  916. Campionati del mondo di triathlon del 2019c:Category:2019 ITU Triathlon World Championships
  917. Campionati mondiali di judo 2003c:Category:2003 World Judo Championships
  918. Campionati mondiali di judo 2005c:Category:2005 World Judo Championships
  919. Campionato del mondo endurance 2018-2019c:Category:2018-19 in FIA World Endurance Championship
  920. Campionato del mondo sportprototipi 1980c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1980
  921. Campionato del mondo sportprototipi 1981c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1981
  922. Campionato di Formula E 2016-2017c:Campionato di Formula E 2016-2017
  923. Campionato europeo di pallamano maschile 2006c:Category:2006 European Men's Handball Championship
  924. Campionato internazionale gran turismoc:Category:Coppa vetture gran turismo
  925. Campionato internazionale vetture sportc:Category:Campionato internazionale vetture sport
  926. Campionato mondiale di motocross 2013c:Category:2013 Motocross World Championship
  927. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1954c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1954
  928. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1955c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1955
  929. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1956c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1956
  930. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1957c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1957
  931. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1958c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1958
  932. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1959c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1959
  933. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1960c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1960
  934. Campionato mondiale vetture sport 1961c:Category:Campionato Mondiale Marche 1961
  935. Campione (laboratorio)c:Category:Specimen
  936. Campo da hockey su pistac:Category:Roller hockey rink
  937. Campo Largo (Argentina)c:Category:Campo Largo, Chaco
  938. Campo Marzio di Luganoc:Category:Stadio comunale di Campo di Marte
  939. Canale Conte di Sarnoc:Sarno cat of the same name c:Category:Sarno
  940. Canale Industrialec:Category:Canale Industriale
  941. Canale Schelda-Renoc:Category:Scheldt-Rhine Canal
  942. Cananeuretus occidentalisc:Category:Cananeuretus occidentalis
  943. Canarium madagascariensec:Canarium madagascariense cat of the same name c:Category:Canarium madagascariense
  944. Candida aurisc:Candida auris cat of the same name c:Category:Candida auris
  945. Caney (Kansas)c:Category:Caney, Kansas
  946. Cangalloc:Category:Cangallo
  947. Canidole Piccolac:Category:Male Srakane
  948. Canis lupaster lupasterc:Canis lupaster lupaster
  949. Canis lupus filchneric:Canis lupus filchneri cat of the same name c:Category:Canis lupus filchneri
  950. Cantone di Beaurepairec:Category:Canton de Beaurepaire
  951. Cao Lãnhc:Category:Cao Lanh
  952. Caporiaccosa arctosaeformisc:Caporiaccosa arctosaeformis
  953. Cappella Cesic:Category:Cappella Cesi
  954. Cappella dell'Incoronatac:Category:Cappella dell'Incoronata (Palermo)
  955. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 1 Birth of Saint Francis
  956. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 10 Victory of Saint Francis over Temptation
  957. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 13 Saint Francis in humility
  958. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 14 Saint Francis meets the Sultan of Egypt
  959. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 16 Return of dying Saint Francis to Assisi
  960. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 17 Death of Saint Francis
  961. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 20 Canonization of Saint Francis
  962. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 3 Saint Francis renouncing earthly goods
  963. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel 9 Saint Francis consecrating Clare of Assisi
  964. Cappelle del Sacro Monte di Ortac:Category:Sacro Monte ( Orta ) - Chapel XI Saint Francis obtained from Jesus the privilege of the indulgence for the Porziuncola
  965. Capra garganicac:Goats cat of the same name c:Category:Goats
  966. Caprichromis liemic:Caprichromis liemi
  967. Caprichromis orthognathusc:Caprichromis orthognathus
  968. Caprichromisc:Category:Caprichromis
  969. Carcharhinus macropsc:Carcharhinus macrops
  970. Carcharhinus sealeic:Carcharhinus sealei cat of the same name c:Category:Carcharhinus sealei
  971. Carcharhinus tilstonic:Carcharhinus tilstoni cat of the same name c:Category:Carcharhinus tilstoni
  972. Carduus defloratus carlinifoliusc:Carduus defloratus carlinifolius
  973. Carin Nilssonc:Category:Carin Nilsson
  974. Carl Foremanc:Carl Foreman cat of the same name c:Category:Carl Foreman
  975. Carl Jules Weylc:Carl Jules Weyl
  976. Carlisle (Carolina del Sud)c:Category:Carlisle, South Carolina
  977. Carlisle (Iowa)c:Category:Carlisle, Iowa
  978. Carlo Castellanoc:Category:Carlo Castellano
  979. Carlo Costantino Tagliabuec:Category:Carlo Costantino Tagliabue
  980. Carlo Costlyc:Category:Carlo Costly
  981. Carlo D'Aprilec:Category:Carlo d'Aprile
  982. Carlo Fortunato Rostic:Category:Carlo Fortunato Rosti
  983. Carlo Ludovico Federico di Meclemburgo-Strelitzc:Category:Charles Louis Frederick, Duke of Mecklenburg-Mirow
  984. Carlo Morgaric:Carlo Morgari
  985. Carlo Palermoc:Carlo Palermo cat of the same name c:Category:Carlo Palermo
  986. Carlo Picozzac:Category:Carlo Picozza
  987. Carlo Rotac:Category:Carlo Rota
  988. Carlo Siliottoc:Carlo Siliotto
  989. Carlos Humberto Romeroc:Category:Carlos Humberto Romero
  990. Carlos Roberto Reinac:Category:Carlos Roberto Reina
  991. Carlotta Cornehlc:Category:Carlotta Cornehl
  992. Carlton Centrec:Carlton Centre cat of the same name c:Category:Carlton Centre
  993. Carmelo Barbagalloc:Category:Carmelo Barbagallo
  994. Carmen Zapatac:Category:Carmen Zapata
  995. Carnotaurinaec:Category:Carnotaurinae
  996. Carnufex carolinensisc:Carnufex carolinensis
  997. Carolino da Viterboc:Category:Category:Carolino da Viterbo Category:Category:
  998. Carraccic:Carracci
  999. Carretera nacional N-330c:Carretera nacional N-330
  1000. Carretera nacional N-332 (Spagna)c:Carretera nacional N-332