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* [[Robert Wikeford]] o ''de Wickford'' (1330-1390), [[Arcidiocesi di Dublino|arcivescovo di Dublino]], è nato a Wickford, e la sua famiglia si pensa siano stati Lords di Wickford Hall.<ref>O'Flanagan J. Roderick Lives of the Lord Chancellors of Ireland London 1870</ref>
* [[Alvin Stardust]], cantante rock e attore<!-- 's mother used to own and run a café just outside Wickford railway station (a common misconception is that it was indeed [[Billy Ocean]]'s mother who used to own and run the café, but this is false). Alvin, himself, worked on a [[building site]] in Wickford before he was famous.
* [[Chantelle Houghton]], vincitore di Celebrity Big Brother 2006 vive a Wickford.winner of [[Celebrity Big Brother (UK)|Celebrity Big Brother]] 2006 lives in Wickford.
* [[Capital Radio]] Afternoon DJ Chris Brooks lives in Wickford.
* [[Southend United F.C.|Southend United]]'s previous manager [[Steve Tilson]].
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