George Peckham: differenze tra le versioni

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(in suo onore)
* ''[[Hasarius peckhami]]'' <small>Petrunkevitch, 1914</small>
* ''[[Heliophanus peckhami]]'' <small>Simon, 1902</small>
* ''[[Hyllus brevitarsis]] peckhamorum'' <small>[[Lucien Berland|Berland]] & Millot, 1941</small>
* ''[[Myrmarachne peckhami]]'' <small>[[Carl Friedrich Roewer|Roewer]], 1951</small>
* ''[[Pachomius peckhamorum]]'' <small>Galiano, 1994</small>
* ''[[Pelegrina peckhamorum]]'' <small>(Kaston, 1973)</small>
* ''[[Pensacola peckhami]]'' <small>Bryant, 1943</small>
* ''[[Salticus peckhamae]]'' <small>(Cockerell, 1897)</small>
* ''[[Telamonia peckhami]]'' <small>[[Tord Tamerlan Teodor Thorell|Thorell]], 1891</small>
* ''[[Thiodina peckhami]]'' <small>(Bryant, 1940)</small>
* ''[[Uroballus peckhami]]'' <small>Zabka, 1985</small>
* ''[[Viciria peckhamorum]]'' <small>Lessert, 1927</small>
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