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== To anyone reading this ==
This website does not operate on "truth" it operates on verifiability. There are blatant lies all over this website and attempting to change them will just result in you getting banned and your edits reverted. This website is nothing more than a cult who view people with complete and utter contempt.
== Avviso Vandalismo su [[Discussioni utente:Mtarch11]] ==
Do not help them by editing pages or following their rules. Leave while you still can.
{{Vandalismo|1=Discussioni utente:Mtarch11}} [[Utente: SixthGrave|<span style="color:#000000;font-family:Avenir">'''''SIXTH'''''</span>]][[Discussioni utente:SixthGrave|<span style="color:#008b8b; font-family:Avenir">'''''GRAVE'''''</span>]] 23:06, 17 mag 2021 (CEST)
The best thing to do is to get as many cities on earth banned from wikipedia.
'''DO NOT''' attempt to have a conversation or try to reason with anyone on this site, you are wasting your energy and it cannot be done. Simply revert their edits and ignore them like they do to you.
The admins don't even follow their own rules, you're allowed to edit your own talk page but they remove this and when you do it back to them they ban you.
PS: Go away George Stepanek you're a creepy old man and i'm ashamed to share a university with you. Stalk and revert someone else's talk pages.
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