Mike E. Clark's Extra Pop Emporium

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Mike E. Clark's Extra Pop Emporium
ArtistaInsane Clown Posse
Tipo albumStudio
Pubblicazione14 agosto 2012
Midwest rap
Underground rap
EtichettaPsychopathic Records
ProduttoreMike E. Clark
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Mike E. Clark's Extra Pop Emporium è un album remix del gruppo Insane Clown Posse prodotto da Mike E. Clark.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. Traveling Circus
  2. Chris Benoit (featuring Ice Cube & Scarface)
  3. When I'm Clownin (featuring Kreayshawn)
  4. Lost in the Music (featuring Swollen Members)
  5. Up Ya Ass
  6. Ghetto Rainbows (featuring Color Me Badd)
  7. Birfday Party
  8. Scrubstitute Teachers (featuring Twiztid & Willie D)
  9. Playin' in the Woods
  10. Pass It to the Sky (featuring Kottonmouth Kings)
  11. Shugston Brooks 1959–2004
  12. Night of the Chainsaw (featuring Three 6 Mafia)
  13. Forever (featuring Geto Boys)
  14. Untitled (featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Jamie Madrox)
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