Live at the BBC (The Beatles)

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Live at the BBC
ArtistaThe Beatles
Tipo albumLive
Pubblicazione30 novembre 1994
GenereBritish invasion[1]
Pop rock[1]
Rock and roll[1]
EtichettaApple Records
ProduttoreGeorge Martin
Registrazione22 gennaio 1963 - 26 maggio 1965
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Live at the BBC è stata la prima pubblicazione ufficiale di materiale inedito del gruppo musicale britannico The Beatles, dopo l'ultimo album in studio Let It Be del 1970.

L'album[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Il doppio compact disc - messo in distribuzione il 30 novembre 1994 - include tracce registrate durante i molteplici show effettuati dalla band negli studi della BBC dal 1963 al 1965. In copertina compare una foto dei componenti della band prima di raggiungere la celebrità, nel periodo che va dal 1960 al 1962, quando avevano un repertorio incentrato sul rock anni cinquanta.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Disco uno[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. Beatle Greetings (dialogo)
  2. From Us to You (LennonMcCartney) (variazione inedita)
  3. Riding on a Bus (dialogo)
  4. I Got a Woman (Charles) (inedito)
  5. Too Much Monkey Business (Berry) (inedito)
  6. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (GoffinKing) (inedito)
  7. I'll Be on My Way (Lennon–McCartney) (inedito)
  8. Young Blood (Leiber–StollerPomus) (inedito)
  9. A Shot of Rhythm and Blues (Thompson) (inedito)
  10. Sure to Fall (in Love with You) (Perkins–Claunch–Cantrell) (inedito)
  11. Some Other Guy (Leiber–Stoller–Barrett) (inedito)
  12. Thank You Girl (Lennon–McCartney)
  13. Sha La La La La! (dialogo)
  14. Baby It's You (DavidBacharachWilliams)
  15. That's All Right, Mama (Crudup) (inedito)
  16. Carol (Berry) (inedito)
  17. Soldier of Love (Cason-Moon) (inedito)
  18. A Little Rhyme (dialogo)
  19. Clarabella (Pingatore) (inedito)
  20. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You) (Thomas–Biggs) (inedito)
  21. Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Holly) (inedito)
  22. Dear Wack! (dialogo)
  23. You Really Got a Hold on Me (Robinson)
  24. To Know Her Is to Love Her (Spector) (inedito)
  25. A Taste of Honey (Marlow–Scott)
  26. Long Tall Sally (Johnson–PennimanBlackwell)
  27. I Saw Her Standing There (Lennon–McCartney)
  28. The Honeymoon Song (Theodorakis–Sansom) (inedito)
  29. Johnny B. Goode (Berry) (inedito)
  30. Memphis, Tennessee (Berry) (inedito)
  31. Lucille (Collins–Penniman) (inedito)
  32. Can't Buy Me Love (Lennon–McCartney)
  33. From Fluff to You (dialogo)
  34. Till There Was You (Wilson)

Disco due[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  1. Crinsk Dee Night (dialogo)
  2. A Hard Day's Night (Lennon–McCartney)
  3. Have a Banana! (dialogo)
  4. I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon–McCartney)
  5. Just a Rumour (dialogo)
  6. Roll Over Beethoven (Berry)
  7. All My Loving (Lennon–McCartney)
  8. Things We Said Today (Lennon–McCartney)
  9. She's a Woman (Lennon–McCartney)
  10. Sweet Little Sixteen (Berry) (inedito)
  11. 1822! (dialogo)
  12. Lonesome Tears in My Eyes (Johnny BurnetteDorsey BurnetteBurlison–Mortimer) (inedito)
  13. Nothin' Shakin' (Fontaine–Calacrai–Lampert–Gluck) (inedito)
  14. The Hippy Hippy Shake (Romero) (inedito)
  15. Glad All Over (Bennett–Tepper–Schroeder) (inedito)
  16. I Just Don't Understand (Wilkin–Westberry) (inedito)
  17. So How Come (No One Loves Me) (Bryant) (inedito)
  18. I Feel Fine (Lennon–McCartney)
  19. I'm a Loser (Lennon–McCartney)
  20. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Perkins)
  21. Rock and Roll Music (Berry)
  22. Ticket to Ride (Lennon–McCartney)
  23. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Williams)
  24. Medley: Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (Leiber - Stoller/Penniman)
  25. Set Fire to That Lot! (dialogo)
  26. Matchbox (Perkins)
  27. I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Kesler–Feathers) (inedito)
  28. Love These Goon Shows! (dialogo)
  29. I Got to Find My Baby (Berry) (inedito)
  30. Ooh! My Soul (Penniman) (inedito)
  31. Ooh! My Arms (dialogo)
  32. Don't Ever Change (Goffin–King) (inedito)
  33. Slow Down (Williams)
  34. Honey Don't (Perkins) (variazione inedita, con Lennon alla voce)
  35. Love Me Do (Lennon–McCartney)

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The Beatles

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