Hell (James Brown)

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ArtistaJames Brown
Tipo albumStudio
Rhythm and blues
EtichettaPolydor Records
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Hell è il quarantunesimo album in studio del cantante statunitense James Brown, pubblicato nel 1974.

Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Side A

  1. Coldblooded (James Brown, Pee Wee Ellis) – 4:45
  2. Hell (Brown) – 5:03
  3. My Thang (Brown) – 4:20
  4. Sayin' It and Doin' It (Brown) – 3:05
  5. Please, Please, Please (Remake) (Brown, John Terry) – 4:07

Side B

  1. When the Saints Go Marchin' In (tradizionale) – 2:43
  2. These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) (Harry Link, Holt Marvell, Jack Strachey) – 3:14
  3. Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker) – 3:15
  4. A Man Has to Go Back to the Cross Road Before He Finds Himself (Brown) – 2:52
  5. Sometime (Brown, Bud Hobgood) – 4:15

Side C

  1. I Can't Stand It '76' (Remake of I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)) (Brown) – 8:10
  2. Lost Someone (Remake) (Brown, Bobby Byrd, Lloyd Stallworth) – 3:35
  3. Don't Tell a Lie about Me and I Won't Tell the Truth on You (Brown, J. Maloy Roach) – 5:05

Side D

  1. Papa Don't Take No Mess (Charles Bobbit, Brown, John Starks, Fred Wesley) – 13:51

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