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Moving a wikiproject definitely need consensus among its editors, as you might guess renaming a wikiproject doesn't mean simply moving its pages. BTW please be careful with our namespace: our "progetto:" namespace differs from its literal translation ("project") but it corresponds to en.wiki's "wikiproject:" namespace, while our "wikipedia:" is en.wiki's "project:" (or "wikipedia:") one. --Vito (msg) 17:02, 3 mar 2013 (CET)

hi vito, thanks for the hint! wikiafrica is a private initiative of lettera27 and africa center. we from wikimedia.ch support people in africa, but we do not have an agreement with one of them. specifically, i worked with the people in ghana to organize the wml 2012 contest there, and i am unhappy that some unrelated person "brightens" two fotos, donates 10 notebooks for 10 dollars to african participants, then makes a story which can be perceived as wikiafrica would have run this. they are mentioning themselves and forgetting the people who did the real work. this is valid for kenya and south africa as well. they did this on the english wikipedia as well. --ThurnerRupert (msg) 17:38, 3 mar 2013 (CET)