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Natal'ja Syčeva[modifica wikitesto]

Ciao. Per cortesia, anziché insistere con spostamenti incomprensibili (anche nel campo oggetto), potresti per cortesia indicare una fonte che attesti che la forma Натальля Сычова sia quella corretta, in bielorusso, per il nome dell'atleta? Sarei ben lieto di poter sostituire la forma russa, attualmente in uso, con quella bielorussa, ma quella che proponi appare improbabile, non foss'altro perché la forma che si trova comunemente per il nome "Natalia" in bielorusso è Наталля (Natallja), non Натальля (Natal'lja)... Grazie, --CastaÑa 01:00, 28 apr 2014 (CEST)

Hello. I'm not sure if I understood You correct, but hope I did. First, actual article name (Natal'ja Syčeva) is incorrect, because it is written in Russian. That's why I renamed it into original Belarusan name Natal'lja Syčova. So there's no need even to revert this move, and even more - to delete it.
As for the transription (Natal'lja/Natallja), this is more complicated, because in Belarusan both «l» letters are pronouncing softly, so I thought it should be depicted into Latin alphabet as «l'lj». Maybe both variants should be made (one for the name of the article itself, another as redirect). --Renessaince (msg) 09:50, 28 apr 2014 (CEST)
Hi, Renessaince. First of all, you should answer me in my user talk, not in yours - otherwise it's hard for me to see your answers... Then, about the topic: do you have any sources for your proposal of correct spelling of the name of the athlete? I am not satisfied too, using the Russian version, but I didn't find the Belarus one - I wrote it here, as you can see. We need a clear source for the Belarusan name, so we would be able to use the correct translitteration (here our policies). In the end, I suggest you not to get mixed up in linguistic issues in Italian version of Wikipedia, since you couldn't write in Italian... If you need any help, please contact me any time! Thank you for your edits, --CastaÑa 00:10, 29 apr 2014 (CEST)
Wrong: if You write me, I reply here; if You'd wrote somewhere else — I would reply there (if I ever noticed that). That's uncomfortable, maybe, but it's the way of viewing a complete talk history.
I tried to search something about Натальля Сычова’s bio, and that's what I found out: she's in fact was born in Russia, and Syčeva is her maiden name, for she's Башынская now. That makes it clear why we couldn't find her Belarusan writing form of the name, because she is Russian (or Bashkiryan, either). Now I agree with the article name.
But that makes all the article data incorrect, because she is not Belarusan, she wasn't retired in 1994 and, finally, she's not Сычёва. You can find out more in Belarusan article I created (see interwikis). --Renessaince (msg) 08:54, 30 apr 2014 (CEST)