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Oh no! This picture is wrong! That is not George I. but George Ii.!!! Das Bild stimmt nicht! Das ist nicht Georg I.. Rakoczi, sondern Georg II.!!!--Carol23 de (msg) 07:55, 23 mar 2017 (CET)

[@ Carol23 de]: I changed the picture, but you should warn people on Commons that the name of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gheorghe_Racoczy_I.jpg is wrong, even if the attribution is correct. -- .mau. ✉ 09:21, 23 mar 2017 (CET)

Nevertheless is your picture wrong! I know this from bibliographical reference in Hungarian literature! Your picture is George II. and NOT George I. To look the German and Hungarian WIKIPEDIA article from GeorgII. Rákóczi!--Carol23 de (msg) 10:38, 23 mar 2017 (CET)