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Babel utente
it-0 Questo utente non è in grado di comunicare in italiano (o lo capisce solo con notevole difficoltà).
en-4 This user has near native speaker knowledge of English.
nl-4 Deze gebruiker beheerst het Nederlands als ware het zijn moedertaal.
li-4 Deze gebroeker haet benöl van 't Limburgs op bekans-mojerspraokniveau.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français.
Utenti per lingua

Hello you,

I am Taketa, a bureaucrat for nl.wikipedia and wikidata admin. On it.wikipedia I mostly add images to pages. I am currently working on Wikidata Images. If you have any questions or remarks let me know on my talkpage. If it is urgent you can also post on my Dutch talkpage. I look forward to our cooperation.

Taketa (msg) 08:36, 30 lug 2014 (CEST)