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Please don't ask questions about genealogy. We'll simply delete them.
S'il vous plaît, pas de questions sur la génealogie de votre famille. Elles seront effacées.
The master list of ambassadors is at MetaWikimedia. Please put a link to it on the meta page. - Tarquin

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Sostegno economico per migliorare il tuo progetto[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Ciao! L'Individual Engagement Grants program sta accettando proposte per finanziare nuovi esperimenti dall'1 settembre al 30. La tua idea potrebbe migliorare i progetti Wikimedia con un nuovo strumento o un gadget, con un miglior processo a supporto della comunità sul tuo progetto preferito, con una ricerca o un'importante funzionalità o con qualsiasi altra cosa a cui noi non abbiamo pensato? Se hai bisogno di 200 dollari o di 30.000 dollari l'Individual Engagement Grants può coprire lo sviluppo del tuo progetto oltre che consentirti di assumere altri che possano aiutarti.

@User:PEarley (WMF): already at Wikipedia:Bar/Discussioni/Aperto il bando per finanziare progetti individuali in WMF. Thank you (and thanks WM CH for helping with that), --Elitre (WMF) (msg) 18:38, 3 set 2014 (CEST)

Modifica della procedura di rinomina utenti[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Part or all of this message may be in English. Please help translate if possible.

-- User:Keegan (WMF) (talk) 18:23, 9 set 2014 (CEST)

FOSS OPW: looking for female technical contributors[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Dear wikimedians,

The Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women offers paid internships to developers and other technical profiles working on projects together with free software organizations. Wikimedia is participating again, and we welcome candidates.


This call is open to Wikimedia volunteers (editors, developers...) and also to people that would contribute for the first time in our projects. In the past editions we have seen that candidates coming through a direct recommendation have good chances of success. It is also known that many good potential candidates will be reluctant to step in, but they will if someone (like you) encourages them to apply, or to contact us with any questions.

You can make a difference. If you know women with software development or open source background / interest and full time availability between December and March, please forward them this invitation. Thank you!

Quim Gil, Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation

Proviene da qui. --Elitre (WMF) (msg) 14:52, 18 set 2014 (CEST)

Help us translate fundraising support pages[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Dear translators,

I am reaching out to you to kindly ask for your help to translate two of our important support pages needed for fundraising.

We aim to make the donation process as smooth as possible for all donors who generously give to the foundation to support Wikipedia. Having updated support pages in as many languages as possible is crucial in order to reach this goal. This is where we would highly appreciate your help.

The English "problems donating" <https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Problems_donating> page needs to be updated in many languages.

  • Please click on this link to start translating this page into your

language. <https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Translate&group=page-Fundraising%2FTranslation%2FProblems+donating&language=en&action=page&filter=>*

The second page is related to recurring donations.

  • Please click on this link to start translating this page into your

language. <https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Translate&group=page-Fundraising%2FTranslation%2FCancel+or+change+recurring+payments&language=en&action=page&filter=>*

First priority languages are:


A warm thank you for your help and support.

Kind regards,

Jessica Robell, Wikimedia Foundation

Proviene da qui. --Elitre (WMF) (msg) 15:39, 18 set 2014 (CEST)

Invitation to beta-test HHVM[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

I'm happy to announce that HHVM is available on all Wikimedia wikis for intrepid beta testers. HHVM, you'll recall, is an alternative runtime for PHP that provides substantial performance improvements over the standard PHP interpreter. Simply put: HHVM is software that runs on Wikimedia's servers to make your reading and editing experience faster.

You can read more about HHVM here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/HHVM

  • How do I enable HHVM?

You can enable HHVM by opting in to the beta feature. This short animated gif will show you how: <http://people.wikimedia.org/~ori/hhvm_beta.gif>.

Enabling the beta feature will set a special cookie in your browser. Our servers are configured to route requests bearing this cookie to a pool of servers that are running HHVM.

  • How do I know that it's working?

Opting-in to the beta feature does not change the user interface in any way. If you like, you can copy the following code snippet to the global.js subpage of your user page on MetaWiki:


If you copy this script to your global.js, the personal bar will be annotated with the name of the PHP runtime used to generate the page and the backend response time. It looks like this:


Edits made by users with HHVM enabled will be tagged with 'HHVM'. The tag is there as a precaution, to help us clean up if we discover that HHVM is mangling edits somehow. We don't expect this to happen.

  • What sort of performance changes should I expect?

We expect HHVM to have a substantial impact on the time it takes to load, preview, and save pages.

At the moment, API requests are not being handled by HHVM. Because VisualEditor uses the API to save articles, opting in to the HHVM beta feature will not impact the performance of VisualEditor. We hope to have HHVM handling API requests next week.

  • What sort of issues might I encounter?

Most of the bugs that we have encountered so far resulted from minute differences in how PHP5 and HHVM handle various edge-cases. These bugs typically cause a MediaWiki error page to be shown.

If you encounter an error, please report it on Bugzilla and tag with it the 'HHVM' keyword.

We're not done yet, but this is an important milestone. The roll-out of HHVM as a beta feature caps many months of hard work from many developers, both salaried and volunteer, from the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland, and the broader Wikimedia movement. I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the following individuals, listed in alphabetical order:

Aaron Schulz, Alexandros Kosiaris, Brad Jorsch, Brandon Black, Brett Simmers, Bryan Davis, Chad Horohoe, Chris Steipp, Erik Bernhardson, Erik Möller, Faidon Liambotis, Filippo Giunchedi, Giuseppe Lavagetto, Greg Grossmeier, Jack McBarn, Katie Filbert, Kunal Mehta, Mark Bergsma, Max Semenik, Niklas Laxström, Rob Lanphier, and Tim Starling.

More good things to come! :)

Ori Livneh, WMF

Proviene da qui. --Elitre (WMF) (msg) 11:02, 19 set 2014 (CEST)

Monuments of Spain Challenge[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Excuse me for not speaking Italian yet.

Wikimedia España invites you to join the Monuments of Spain Challenge. And what’s that? It’s a contest. You have to edit, translate or expand articles about the Spanish monuments and you will be granted points. So you’re not just writing about wonderful buildings: you can get prizes!

The time of the contest will include all October and any information you may need is right here.

Join in and good luck!

PS: We would be grateful if you could translate this note into Italian.

B25es on behalf of Wikimedia España.

traduzione (libera) di valepert
Wikimedia España vi invita a partecipare alla "Monuments of Spain Challenge". Modificando, traducendo o espandendo voci relative a monumenti spagnoli sarà possibile ottenere premi!
Il contest si svolgerà nel mese di ottobre. Tutte le informazioni sono (EN) qui.
traduzione un po' più ampia (sempre abbastanza libera :-)
Chiedo scusa per il fatto di non parlare - ancora - l'italiano.
Wikipedia in lingua spagnola vi invia a partecipare a "Monuments of Spain Challenge". Di cosa si tratta? È un concorso. Per ottenere punti basta modificare, tradurre o ampliare voci dedicate ai monumenti spagnoli. Non si avrà quindi soltanto l'opportunità di parlare di bellissime strutture: si potranno anche vincere premi!
Il concorso sarà attivo per tutto il mese di ottobre. Per ogni informazione ulteriore è possibile consulatre la pagina sul concorso (in inglese).
Partecipate e buona fortuna!
--B25es per conto di Wikimedia España.

Global fundraising campaign on Italian Wikipedia starting 29 September 2014[modifica | modifica wikitesto]


The Wikimedia Foundation will run its global fundraising campaign on Italian and English Wikipedia starting the 29th of September. The campaign will run for a few weeks and banners will be visible to anonymous users located in Italy. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the campaign, please email jrobell@wikimedia.org.


Jessica Robell

Wikimedia Foundation